A Thousand Days

Posted April 14, 2019 – Narrated by Carmen

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A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take the whole heart home

    – Rumi

Today, a LIB milestone. A thousand days on the road.

This is serious glamping by-the-sea. To celebrate this moment, Jim brought us to Gulf Waters RV Resort in Port Aransas, Texas on Mustang Island. This beachside RV park is now one of our top five private parks.

The site is spacious, fully landscaped and features our own private palapa bar. In a few days we’ll pull out of this gorgeous resort, so call soon to get your reservation for #419 or choose from other great sites.

In the biblical writings Jim and I were raised with thousand is a divine idea that can mean …

myriads, infinity, countless, innumerable, immensity, fullness of time, multitude

In Buddhism a thousand is a metaphor for the capacity to effect spiritual transformation. I like the Purusha myth that describes The Universal Being as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet for traveling though “all that hath been and all that is yet to be.”

But for Jim, a thousand is a number he can sink his CFO chops into on the LIB timeline. 1,000 days since we left Coronado. 29,913 travel miles. 198 different overnight locations in 37 states and provinces.

This day is also a time to reflect on the thousand “half-loves” we left behind (property, stability, position). To mourn the myriad comforts (routines, doctors, community pool, hair stylist, gardening …) that we forsook to go a-toddling off like babes in the woods – old babes …

Too old to nest and not ready to rest.

Gulf shore next to our campsite

We often miss our family and friends, but digital technology and social media facilitates constant connectivity.

We marvel that only a few decades have passed since our dads were away for months and years at a time on navy business. Back then, the only way to maintain a relationship was through the postal service and the rare 2-minute garbled phone call from a ship’s radio.

Imagine how these last few years of technological advances – had they existed in the 1960’s – would alter the outcomes of history. How might the telegraph change the story of Odysseus’ travels on the Aegean? or the iPhone impact The Exodus of the Israelites.

It begs the question:

Is it really an adventure when our son can track our every move on the iPhone ‘Find Friends’ app?

Yes. I guess it is, when we consider a future when he may be tracking us on a go-pro in a long-term care facility.

Last month, while paddling the south end of Armistad Lake near the dam, my phone sounded a “Welcome to Mexico” alert. So I paddled out to the center of the lake where I could see the top of the bluff where cars were lined up for inspection.

Kayaking Amistad National Recreation Area – Del Rio, Texas

Testing the boundaries is what LIB is all about.

We’re learning that corporations invasive use of personal information is throttled by moving targets. Our lifestyle of full-time, on-the-go RV travel bamboozles the banks, Amazon, medical insurers …

Clearly, providers make more money when they can efficiently broadcast the goods to the customers who are corralled into static bundles, because that way it’s easier to track ’em, bill ’em and sell ’em. Jim is always on the phone trying to help corporations understand our lifestyle so we can receive services.

So, for the moment, indiscretions with the public’s right to privacy does not concern us overmuch. Hopefully, it will all be straightened out soon. As old people, we’ve seen how quickly things can change.

21st Century communication

Not long ago it was customary social practice to set out on a journey to relate bad news in-person because the alternative – a letter delivered by mail – was considered indecent.

But only a decade later it was common for difficult news to arrive through telegraph (with apologies of course) and not much later by telephone, with the necessary apologies.

So, learning of a dear friend’s sudden death via Facebook shouldn’t have come as such a shock because we probably would have received the news that way even if we were still in Coronado.

At our age, it’s wise to take a deep breath and utter a quick prayer before logging into Facebook.

4 minute walk to the beach


I think Rumi’s wisdom, “A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take the whole heart home” is about more than romantic love or spiritual enlightenment. It’s a practical discipline.

Focusing on the heart’s desire and staying true to the dream rather than being detoured by a thousand distractions will deliver rewards. Keep that carrot in focus. Zero in on what you’re doing. Don’t obsess over every inferior mirage in the road.

2 minute walk to the resort’s pool


Tonight, we’ve popped open a bottle of champagne and made a 1,000-Days celebration dinner.

We’re having Savory French/Texas-toast and grilled Gulf shrimp drizzled with lemon-pesto sauce.

For dessert we’ll have our homemade carrot cake.

Here’s to you, our LIB followers.

We’d never have made it without your support, prayers and expert advice. Cheers!

40 thoughts on “A Thousand Days

  1. I love reading not only the travelogue, but also the important philosophy you remind us of- the truly important vs what sometimes seems important. Thanks Carmen and Jim.

    Jim Hay

    1. Jim! A slice of carrot cake to you. It’s not about finding a better place – it’s about exploration. Thank you for the encouragement. You are a source of inspiration. Hey! Want to meet up somewhere? I’m trying to talk Jim into NYC to see a couple of shows. Be well and happy and safe travels!


    1. Hey Mike! Yes as long as our good sense and pain-killers hold out!

      Thank you for being with us and Safe Travels!


  2. Another spot on post. Thank you for your hard work documenting your experience and professional delivery. I have listened or read every one! Your work on these post is greatly appreciated from another planet traveler. From Coimbra, Portugal, herb

    1. Thank you Herb. What an honor to have you with us. Your thrilling international travels as a musician are an inspiration to us. Jim’s studying the acoustical guitar. Who knows we just might join you some day.

      Safe Travels,


  3. Happy 1,000 days on the road! What a beautiful RV resort. We are having Spring in Kansas City and everything is in bloom. Of course I’ve been out sketching!

    1. Hey! I’ll bet it’s gorgeous in Kansas City right now. That’s a trip we need to take: Kansas City in Springtime. We’re putting it on the wish list. So happy to have met up with you on the border of Texas. I am doing some sketching and will be posting about that place soon – I have some great photos of you and our lovely afternoon by the lake. So sad to hear that your trip was cut short. I hope the pups are well. Let’s stay in touch!

      Safe Travels


  4. Congrats!! You are inspirational and we hope to catch up with you one day soon at a Harvest Hosts site on the West Coast!

    1. Thank you, Jeanette. We would love to meet up with you! Contact us via our LIB email and let’s set up a place and time!

      Safe Travels,


    1. Marci, it has been an amazing ride. We’re so exciting to continue because there is so much yet to see! I’m trying to talk Jim into NYC this summer to see a couple of shows. We’ll see! Thank you for being with us.



    1. Thank you, Gary. We do feel blessed and happy to have made it this far in Beauty. Thank you for being with us!

      Safe Travels,


    1. Thank you, Tracy. We know of other full-time on-the-go RVers – some younger, most older – who have been on the road longer than 3 years and they are an inspiration to us. I don’t want to jinx our luck by saying so (knock on wood) but so far, we haven’t a major disaster that might persuade us to find more conventional housing or to change our mode of travel So far, no major accidents or failures with our rig. We’ve never had any break-ins, theft or physical threats by others though we practice ordinary caution for wherever we happen to be. I worried so much about Pico getting grabbed by a coyote, mountain lion or bear – though I take precautions we have so far, had no problems with wild-animals getting too close, though I would say that raptors have shown the most interest in him – especially osprey. We’ve heard of others in the last couple of years who have had trees have fall on them, rigs ravaged by tornadoes, one was sideswiped by a truck, another driver drove off the road while swiping at a bee, others have had hitch failures, caught in a flash flood, nailed by falling rocks … In the last couple of years we’ve heard about all of these things happening to travelers. So, yes, we have gratitude for this accomplishment.

      Thank you for being with us. Safe Travels!


  5. Nicely done and congratulations on another milestone. Once again we seem to have just missed you. We spent the month of Feb. not far from you on Pine Island. One of these days, we’ll catch you!

    1. Hey Bill! We goofed up. Thanks to our friend Joe Harris who caught the error – we posted the wrong link to Gulf Waters RV Resort. We’re in Texas, not Florida. But, yesYesYES we must meet up again! Safe Travels and don’t brake for a mirage.


  6. First, you are NOT old. You and Jim are experienced, seasoned travelers, but you’re anything but old. Congratulations on your milestone. You have much to be proud of. Gulf Waters RV Resort looks amazing.

    Kathy and Steve

    1. Kathy, we accidentally posted the wrong link for Gulf Waters RV Resort and now it is corrected. Yes, it’s a true resort, just the right size, too. Not so large that it needs 3 of everything. Close to the water and only 6 miles to town. We wish there was a designated bike lane on the highway though. Maybe if we take all of the mirrors in our trailer we won’t feel so old 😂 Safe travels!


    1. Thanks Kim! Wow! Binging on our podcasts?! Not the same a binging on Lost or The Sopranos, but we hope you enjoyed! Cheers and safe travels!


      1. We are still working and planning. 12/31/2020 we will shut down our business. If you’re going thru east Texas on I-20, give us a shout. I saw you once, then saw a post on FB that you were passing thru, so I knew it was y’all. We’ll treat you to lunch, dinner, coffee, whatever…in Waskom. Or, we can offer our driveway – 20 miles south of there. We hope to have our new to us home (AS), sell the farm, and get on the road soon after retirement. Lots to do!!! 😀

        1. A year ago we spent the night at Landry Vineyards in Shreveport, LA, which I believe is near you. If we are ever that way again, we will reach out! Congrats on your upcoming retirement on the road. It is oh so much better than you can even imagine. LIB

  7. Congratulations Carmen and Jim, to your achievement of 1000 days on route and equally to this thoughtful blog post. It’s always inspiring to read your posts. Happy and save travels.

    1. Thank you, Claudia. We appreciate your comment and it is always a pleadure to have you along for the ride. Safe travels.


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