Trailer Fairies

Posted May 18, 2016 – Narrated by Carmen

(There is no podcast due to our transition into living in our Airstream)

Here in the the C.V. Marina we park,
   Where many a palatial MoHo looms near –
All adorned with many a swirl and a swoop –
   And, therein, new friends, their pups and good beer.

So swanky. So plush. But not much to discover …

Til’ one, foggy May day (a gray early morn)
   We should spot a silver contraption with a magical door!
I looked at Jim. Jim looked at me.
   This! Yes, this is some high-end
Trailer Porn!

We rubbed at our eyes and swiped at our iPhones
   Lest our synced calendar would express
An event we failed to enter, or (dear God!) a glitch in iOS!?

Nyet. Jim looked at me. I looked at Jim.
   You’ll think us nuts, but we solemnly profess
That in the Gray of May (which, we here, call May Gray)
   With real Trailer Fairies we were blessed!

At least a score were in the park!
   Where in vintage trailers they did dwell,
And set up store, right by their doors,
   In the sweet, Spring mist as it fell.

Over dale and hill, over hill and dale
   And Route 66 they came
Like a troop of undaunted travelers
   Governed by good cheer, good will and good wine.

Each wondrous Trailer Fairy with modesty did show
   how cunning with paint, wood and textile
can reclaim that vintage glow.
   At their work, they played away, as the best Fairies often will.

Never was there a lovelier sight
   Than that charming, happy fleet;
And with anxious eyes we watched to see
   The next delight we’d meet.

Then, boldly their tiny barks they launched,
   Without the least delay;
On vintage trails they set to sail,
   And merrily steered away.

If you want to see our exact route, click here.

*photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) were taken and copyrighted by Living In Beauty.