Living In Beauty Store – Recreation/Excercise

Everything listed here is something we have purchased and continue to use.

We bought the predecessor to this since we bought 6 year old used Dahon Boardwalk 6 speed folding bikes. The Dahon Vybe D7 Folding Bike Obsidian with Fenders, like ours, folds and and folds in about 1 minute and stores easily in the back seat area of our 2014 Ram pickup truck. We love these!!
We got these Nutcase Bike Helmets right after we bought our Dahon folding bikes. These are currently one of the top rated bike helmets on the market for safety. Also we like the ‘look.’
These Ventura Gel Gloves, Blue, Medium make gripping the bike handle bars a bit more easy on the bumps.
For the RV life, being able to excerise anytime is very important. These Resistance Bands along with this video gives you everything you need to stay fit.
The Bushnell 190125 Legend Binoculars, 10x25mm Legend Ultra HD black fold up so small, you can store them in your pocket. BUT they are powerful and have fantastic optics. Plus they are waterproof so we take them on our kayaking adventures.
This Sunbelt Visor is fantastic. Stays on our heads, never flies off, comfortable, washable, and perfect for hiking or kayaking. Available in 4 different colors.