Corkscrew – Professional Stainless Steel

If you read our blog, you know that we need a seriously high quality corkscrew, and this one does the job. It also serves as a bottle opener and wine bottle foil cutter. We also dig the brushed stainless finish.

Truth is, even though it looks brand new, we’ve had this lil’ guy for decades. He holds his looks even though he’s a hard worker and a hard partier. Love ya lil’ guy!!!




  • This is a fantastic sommelier inspired, premium quality and durable 3 in 1 multi-function waiters key. This corkscrew elegantly blends the features of a wine corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter all together in a stylish and durable stainless steel body with comfort-grip steel handle. It inspires confidence and offers the satisfying, solid heft of a fine tool and feels good in the hand, like a well-balanced kitchen knife.
  • Specification: provides extra leverage and smoother pulling of even the longest corks. The two step hinge makes opening wine twice as easy by allowing for a nice, 2-step pull and removal of the cork and offers a significant mechanical advantage over older-style single-hinge corkscrews. 3 in 1 multi-function, Equipped with corkscrew, bottle opener and a serrated cutter for removing the top foil.
  • Design: Made of heavy duty steel is guaranteed to cleanly remove any natural or synthetic cork in only 5 turns with no breakage. The precision-cut notch along the screw grips the cork firmly and also reduces the drag as it cuts through the cork, making it less likely the cork will crumble and offering a significant advantage over other types of screws.
  • Quality: This is a reliable, high quality, and durable corkscrew. First-class equipment ensures the first-class quality. As a wine lover, you deserve a good wine opener for better experience. Indeed, a good opener can’t change the quality of wine, but it can reveal the owner’s taste.
  • Uses: The fluted pattern, two leverage arms, and double sided curve are design features that give the corkscrew an unmatched ability to cleanly remove the cork from the bottle of wine. Additionally, the accompanying blade is equipped with a fine tooth that cuts incredibly smooth.