Do not underestimate the power of this little dehumidifier. We couldn’t manage without it in Florida. It works like a champ to keep our trailer dry. There are some really good dehumidifiers out there but they are much larger. This one, for its size, does a fine job. In fact, we’re thinking about getting another one – one for each end of the trailer.

Don’t expect a massive amount of moisture to be harvested from the environment overnight – maybe a cup a night is all we get in very wet weather. A larger dehumidifier will do a more professional job and those can be rented at Home Depot for a couple of days – which is a good thing to do annually. Also, desert camping is a good way to dry out.

This unit is for daily use. It’s very quiet. In wet weather, it keeps the moisture from collecting inside the trailer. It uses very little power, so we run it full-time. It fits in a small open spot which was designed for an old-style speaker. Every morning, as part of my housework routine, I empty about a half to a full cup of water, depending on the weather.

Of course, if we had more room to accomodate a larger dehumidifier, we’d have one. So, for now, this brave little dehumidifier is better than no dehumidifier at all. It’s a quality product of sturdy construction and simple, elegant design which blends in with any decor.



  • LESS NOISE OUTPUT – The average noise output for all of the thermo-electric dehumidifiers we tested was 53.2 dB. On the other hand, the EDV-1100 was measured at 50.9 dB, 2.3 dB below average. Making it generate less noise to provide you a good night sleep at night.
  • MAXIMUM PORTABILITY – The EDV-1100 couldn’t be any more portable. For one, it can easily be transported. Secondly, it is also one of the smallest, lightest thermo-electric dehumidifiers on the market.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – The Eva-Dry EDV-1100 has a manufacturer specified power draw of 22 watts. That makes it low on energy consumption so you can save on your electricity bill and also helps the environment. Capacity – 16 ounces
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – It is made from high quality and superior materials making it durable. It also has renewable reservoir which absorbs musty odors from stagnant air and also eliminates odors and fungus.
  • PLUG AND PLAY SETUP – This couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug it in and turn it on. It will immediately start dehumidifying. If the condensate collection bucket fills up the “FULL” LED will light up and the dehumidifier will automatically shut off.