Dometic 310 Toilet w/Hand Spray

Our toilet is a valuable source of gripping drama and adventure.

Actually, in ’19 we replaced our old toilet with this nifty new throne so we would have a spray head (no, it’s not a bidet) to save water when we are dry camping.

The spray head facilitates water conservation. Instead of using the indiscriminate flush when we dry camping, we touch up with the spray and a brush.

We also appreciate that it is now very easy to replace the seal without having to totally pull the toilet of the floor (ugh). So, now replacing the seal is a much more tolearable annual job.

A very nice, high quality up-grade.



  • Best-in-Class Gravity Flush
  • Slow-Close Enameled Wood Seat Improves Comfort
  • Efficient with Water at Only One Pint per Flush
  • White Hand Spray Included
  • Ergonomic Foot Pedal: Press Partially to Add Water, Press Fully to Flush
  • Powerful Swirl-Jet Cleaning Action
  • Available in white or bone
  • The 310 Series of gravity flush RV toilets is designed to maximize economy and performance.
  • A smart range of residential-style toilets that provides the best of many worlds by incorporating cutting-edge design, practicality and economy.
  • For your own personal comfort, the 310 RV toilet Series is available in either a standard or a low-profile height, and features a full-size, easy-clean ceramic bowl and PowerFlush technology.

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