Dual LP/CO Alarm

Most folks who have a LP leak detector in their RV don’t realize they need to be replaced periodically. Ours indicate every 5 years.

We decided to upgrade ours to a dual monitoring of both LP/Propane and CO/Carbon Monoxide.

It cost a bit more for the dual monitoring, but a cheap upgrade for peace of mind.

We now have this LP/CO monitor near the stove and refrigerator, plus we have a Smoke/CO detector in the living room, and a CO detector in the bedroom.

Since dying of CO, smoke, or LP is something we want to avoid, we have these redundant monitors.

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  • Double-duty alarm detects both gas leaks and co gas simultaneously
  • Reliable 12v power means no missing or dead batteries to replace
  • Surface mount
  • Meets RVIA/NFPS requirements and is listed to UL 1484 RV and UL 2034 RV
  • Dimensions: width: 6-3/8″ x height: 3-1/2″ x depth: 1-77/200″
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Available in white or black

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