Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Meat Thermometer Set

No wonder they call it The Maverick. When I see Jim coming with this thing I get out of the way. No telling where he’ll stick it. This top rated BBQ thermometer is his favorite grilling gadget.

It has two sensors and can broadcast the temperature hundreds of feet away, helping my Thermo Man to multi-task.

Rated the most accurate thermometer on the market, you have no excuse for burning the filet mignon with The Maverick.

Uh-oh. Here he comes.

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  • WIRELESS – Remotely monitor temperatures from up to 300 ft away, making this one of the most sought-after grill accessories
  • MONITOR TWO TEMPERATURES AT ONCE – Receive temperature readings from the meat as well as the grill, barbecue or smoker simultaneously
  • PROGRAMMABLE ALERTS – Meat thermometer alerts you if the temperatures go above or below your programmed range
  • 15 PRESET TEMPERATURES – Comes with preset temperatures for beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, deer, elk, moose, buffalo, rabbit, boar, duck, bird, and fish
  • INCLUDED – Remote receiver, remote transmitter, ambient probe, meat probe, ambient probe clip and 4 AAA batteries for out of box use. Bonus 6 ft hybrid probe is also included with this Maverick thermometer

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