OtterBox – Elevation 10 Tumbler – Stainless Steel

Our pair of mugs are sipping from this pair of mugs every morning in Beauty.

These OtterBox Elevation 10 oz Stainless Steel Mugs are insulated, unbreakable and keep hot drinks hot for hours – so there is little waste and no need to reheat.

The sipping lids are smooth and gentle on our old decrepit lips and insure that “The Black Death” does not dribble down our chins and stain our shirts and ruin our laptop computers.

Inaugurating each new day with our pair of mugs is a pleasure and we hope they last for years.




  • Keep your beverage at the desired temperature with this OtterBox Elevation 10 tumbler
  • Stainless steel construction holds up well over time
  • The internal copper lining efficiently maintains drink temperatures.
  • It’s sweat-resistant design eliminates rings for safe use on any surface