UDAP Bear Spray w/ Hip Holster – 9.2 oz

We have two of these – acquired them right when we started traveling four years ago. They make us feel a bit safer when we’re hiking in bear country. The easy-carry molded loop makes it handy to carry or latch onto a belt. We keep them right near the door so we can grab them for quick trips outside with Pico and when walking to the showers.

There is a smaller can that cost about $15 less, but we want as much capital as possible if a grizzly charges us. So far that hasn’t happened, knock on wood.


  • Most powerful bear spray fog
  • Developed by a bear attack survivor
  • UDAP is the most trusted bear spray brand
  • Hottest bear spray allowed by law
  • 9.2 ounce Magnum size with hip holster.