Wall Hanger – Steel 10-Hooks

We have two of these mounted on each side of our bedroom.

Ours is black and white, but that option appears not to be available anymore. However, it can be painted in any decorator color.

These have been mounted on the two walls at the foot of the bed in our Airstream. We’ve been using them every day for four years with No Regrets. Since we converted our coat closet into a pantry these hooks are now our wardrobe Tree of Life and we simply wouldn’t have enough clothing storage without them.

We chose this hook ensemble for several reasons.

1) There are 10 hooks. That’s a lot of hooks within a small space.

2) The hooks are arranged on several different levels with wider and narrower spaces so their use can be maximized for garments and accessories of various thicknesses from puffy coats to Tommy Bahama shirts and from straw hats, to belts.

3) The hooks are smooth and round – not pointy or sharp – so when you squeeze yourself into that narrow gap between the bed and the wall they do not scratch or jab you or snag your clothing and make you say things that would make your grandmother laugh.

4) When properly mounted, the hook ensemble only projects about an inch from the wall. Inches matter in an Airstream, but there will be no further discussion of that matter, especially in the bedroom.

5) Big time space saver for a small space.

6) Easy to install.

Go ahead. Get hooked!

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  • FUN AND FUNCTIONAL: Subway Hook securely holds your accessories, while its unique graphics make it a statement piece on any wall; the product fuses practicality with art
  • DURABLE: Subway Hook is designed using powder-coated steel, with a multicolored, glossy finish. Each of the 10 hooks holds up to 5 lbs.
  • WIDE SET HOOKS: The product’s widely spaced hooks allow for clear access to each one and sufficient room to store items
  • EASY TO INSTALL: All mounting hardware is included with Subway Hook, along with clear instructions on how to hang the product
  • DESIGNED BY ALAN WISNIEWSKI FOR UMBRA: Inspired by a public transit map, Alan designed this vibrant and functional set of hooks