Living In Beauty Store – Roadside Emergency Preparedness

Everything listed here is something we have purchased and continue to use.

We also have a blog post about preparing for an emergency, Roadside Debacle Busters.

Our Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit connects directly to the batteries instead of the cigarette lighter. It comes with 60 feet of hose – enough to reach the entire rig – and all in a handy carrying case.
We prefer to use the Victor Tubeless Tire Repair Kit instead of a can of Fix-A-Flat. With this kit, a repair done correctly is a permanent fix.
A quality tire gauge like the Accutire MS-4400B Pistol Grip Digital Tire Gauge is a tool I use every time we move.
The 15″ Neiko Breaker Bar is a necessity. This tool solves the problem of a stuck lug nut. We also carry a 2-foot pipe that fits over the breaker bar if we need to increase leverage.
Tightening our wheel lugs to the correct safe specifications is easy with our 10 to 150 foot-pound Tekton Torque Wrench. This isn’t just for emergencies. We, periodically, tighten all the wheel lugs on the truck and trailer.
We have a two axel Airstream, so using a Tire Changing Ramp makes changing a tire so much easier than finding a safe place underneath to attach a jack. We practice using it.
We like these 4 gauge x 25 feet jumper cables because they’re thick cables and are long enough for most needs. We actually use these more often to help other folks.
To make the only bodies we have in the world more visible to traffic, we got two lightweight High Visibility Safety Vests to wear when we are outside during an emergency.
We have the emergency poncho for rain protection.
We have a 3-Class fire extinguisher for putting out all three types of fire: Class A – trash, paper, fabric, and wood; Class B – liquids, oils, gasoline; and Class C – electrical. With the 3-type there’s no need to panic, “OMG!!! Is this the correct extinguisher!?” We use the First Alert AF400-2 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray.
Self-preservation is a high priority so we use the LED Road Flares when we are stopped on the roadside.
We also use the Triangle Reflectors at the same time we use the flares above.
So often overlooked, but a Seatbelt Cutter & Window Breaker stored in a handy location in the towing vehicle can be a lifesaver, not only for ourselves, but possibly to assist someone else on the road.
Here is a smaller version of the window breaker above: smaller keychain version
We carry a serious tow strap. Ours is the 10,000 pound, 20 foot Tanaka Heavy Duty Tow Strap. We never know when we might need a little help or when we can offer someone a tow.
A Hand cracking rechargeable flashlight that never needs batteries can be a life saver.
Having these 5 Pack of Mini LED Keychain Flashlights placed all around can provide an emergency light when you need it.
We we need both hands, many times this Black Diamond Spot Headlamp does the job better than any other option.
We also use the Might-D-Light Folding LED Worklight when we need a wide span of light or we need both hands, since this one can stand on its own.
  We like Gorilla Tape instead of regular duct tape.
We also keep a small roll of plain old electrical tape handy.
Having various lengths of bungee cords can help tie down loose cargo or prop up a broken bumper.
We call it our Boo Box, and we’ve assembled our own but this 291 piece first-aid kit is also a good choice. When things are used, we replace them as soon as possible.
We have several types for various purposes. A pair of leather gloves to change a tire, pull off a broken metal piece, etc.
We also have a pair of cloth gloves for light work, and a box of reusable gloves.
We like the Ammex GWON Gloveworks Orange Nitrile Gloves. They are brightly colored for roadside visibility, strong and puncture-resistant, resistant to grease and other toxins.
We love our American Red Cross Weather Alert Radio. Any time, any place we have the updated NOAA weather report. The battery is recharged using the hand crank or solar. It can also charge a phone in an emergency.
What if wiring comes loose and needs to be secured?  A Zip Tie is the answer.
We carry a tool kit of hand picked items and store most in a single tool kit roll.
Rags are handy for messy clean ups.
Nothing removes grease from skin like baby wipes.
An option to baby wipes is waterless hand soap.
  Having a tarp is great for when I have to crawl under the truck or trailer.
When traveling unhitched, it might be useful to have some emergency blankets on hand.
We keep a few energy bars in the glove compartment – just in case we get stuck somewhere – and always replenish before the expiration date.
We prefer not to use Fix-A-Flat because some say it could damage the tire and void our tire warranty. But in a dire emergency, it just might be needed. It is only temporary until the tire is repaired properly.
Some might consider this too expensive, but if we break down in the middle of nowhere and the cell coverage is bad, our weBoost 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster can amplify a weak signal and allow us to make a phone call.
  It is not a bad idea to keep some of these hand warmers handy for when you are faced with working outside on a repair in very cold weather
Having the ability to jump start an engine anytime with a Jump Starter can come in handy. They come in various sizes based on the size of the engine.