RV Travel Tips

Business is Business – Let’s get down-and-dirty with ideas, suggestions, tips, and procedures to keep our black water tank at a high level of Liquidity and on the happy side of our Balance Sheet

Playing with Dolphins – Have you considered upgrading to e-bikes? We finally took the plunge and joined the e-bike revolution. We get out more now – go farther – see places we’ve been missing. Here is a review of our Qualisports Dolphin e-Bikes.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – Peace of Mind is real currency while towing a five-ton rig on a strange highway through unfamiliar territory. Suggestions for safe travel.

Beast of Burden – Occasionally, we’ve been asked to explain how we store our gear, if we have anything in storage, and how do we fit so much in the truck.

We’re Floored – What a difference an organic cork floor made in our Airstream!

Hot Stuff – A close look at our solar electrical system.

Prickly PairInterpersonal coping strategies while traveling in a small space.

Water, Water … – RV water conservation techniques, tips and suggestions.

A Walk In The Pork – Cooking in a small kitchen. Here is our pork carnitas recipe.

Brewing in Beauty: Crafting Beer On The Road – Brewing craft beer while traveling down the road.

Home, Home On The Range Hood – How replacing a noisy stove top fan with a quiet fan changed everything!

Groovin’ to the 4-3-2 – Jim’s 4-3-2 Rule for traveling.

Over the Rainbeaubeaux – A 2-minute mini-documentary about traveling full-time. If your friends and family do not understand what you are doing, show them this video.

Roadside Debacle Busters – Are you prepared for a roadside emergency? Don’t be scared, be prepared! Here’s what we’ve learned.

Locked Out – Locked out of our trailer! What a messy business. Here’s how to get back inside.

Harvest Hosts – An Elegant Alternative – Harvest Hosts – a membership model that joins old-world hospitality to grass-roots commerce resulting in complimentary camping.

Travel Map and Facts – An animated map of our travels and average monthly costs and statistics you might find helpful.

Café Beaubeaux – How to make the perfect cup of coffee on the road.

Data Bing-Data Boom! – Data connectivity on the road and Verizon goes Unlimited …. well, kinda.

It’s Just Stuff  – Carmen’s dad’s 3,500 square foot home burns down and we discover deeper lessons about “hanging on.”

Smokin’ Sheep Head!  – This is how we smoke enough fish for a week on our small Weber grill

The Clearing  – How we got rid of all our possessions and prepared for full-time Airstreaming.

Our Kayaks – We love our kayaks! A quick look at our top-notch, lightweight inflatables.

We Met the Enema and It Is Us –

The Blowout of Destiny –

Square Peg/Round Hole –

Trapped!!!!  –

The Elephant In The Trailer  –

Let There Be LEDs  –