Introducing: Our Travel Map

Posted September 5, 2016 – Narrated by Carmen
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Since the blowout, the plan has been to avoid extreme heat and only travel through and to places with 90-degree and below conditions. That means higher altitudes and driving through deserts during early morning hours.

The plan is working – keeping us on beautiful mountain roads, beside glistening lakes, and now, in the lush Sonoma Valley.

We’ve been visiting wineries, meeting lovely people, and detecting the occasional autumnal breeze wafting over vineyards of chardonnay and zinfandel, promising cooler days to come, lighter traffic, and more choice places to camp in state and national parks.

Rumination of the last two months is like flavor picking a complicated wine. It’s all great, but we can’t remember the precise order of things – the details co-mingle, creating a well-balanced, fruity but confounding blend.

“Where were we when we had Pico’s nails trimmed? Was that two or three weeks ago? Wasn’t it next door to that great bakery in Mammoth?

No …” Lately, we mind-meld a lot – pause and lock eyes – hoping our combined energies will cultivate a break-through.

But, because Jim prefers technology over vulcan mind tricks, he’s designed a visual journal of our travel to cut through the miles and miles of mangled memory tape before it’s too late.

Introducing: The Living in Beauty, Our Travel Map. We hope to find more ways to connect photos, blog posts and campground reviews right into the map to make our journey as comprehensive as possible.

The link is located near the top of our page on the menu line.

It shows where we’ve been on the map.

Click here for the latest map.

Now, we’re off!

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading toward a new destination. Where, we are not quite sure. As usual, it depends on travel conditions and no reservations – for us, that’s key to what the excitement’s all about!

I always conclude with, “Have a Great Week” and I do mean it, but my best intentions often fail to adjust to the realties of this crazy “on the road” life and, sometimes, it’s another half or two weeks till the next entry.

Sincerest apologies for that, but things happen … like wineries and microbreweries!

Mini Labor Day family reunion with Cousin Miriam Barlow

We will catch up soon with more posts about the events of this summer along with some comprehensive campground reviews.

Until then, Have a great week!

If you want to see our exact route, click here.

*photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) were taken and copyrighted by Living In Beauty.

5 thoughts on “Introducing: Our Travel Map

  1. Love this! You guys are living the dream. Now I just need to make sure I can keep up with your journey. I’ll have to follow your example and drop the frantic pace every now and then so I can read about your travels!! – Ed H.

  2. Love your illustrative and mind exploring journal! What a treat to explore this all with you. Blessings on your heads and tires

  3. The map is a great idea! We’re looking forward to meeting y’all when you arrive in Mississippi, OR, if you happen to be in Lower Alabama, we’ve got a place for you to park with water and Electric….Your 30’er knows the way to our house, it’ll be right at home…

    Larry and Jacquie

  4. Great to read about your adventures.
    If you’re looking for suggestions, Healdsburg is a pretty cool little town if you haven’t been and Sea Ranch, on the coast near Gualala is great too. Sabrina’s Aunt and Uncle live there.

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