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Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream traveling
Jim, Pico de Gallo, and Carmen in our Lambright Lazy Relax-R Chairs and our Airdesks.

We’ve been married for 44 years and in April 2016 we became full-time RV travelers. Here are some statistics of our travels.

Mt Hood, Oregon

Our trailer, Beauty, is a 2001 30′ Airstream Excella.

Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream traveling
Downtown Charleston, South Carolina. And yep, those are hail pot marks on her backside. Beauty has “Street Cred.”

The Beast, our 2014 Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie 4×4 Cummins Diesel is our TV (towing vehicle).

Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream traveling

Pico de Gallo, our itinerant chihuahua is 11 years-old.

We’re retired, healthy, not enrolled in Medicare or receiving Social Security benefits. Traveling during the best years of our lives, before ill-health sets in, is our goal.

California Redwoods

We’re Californians, but no longer property owners. We have nothing in storage and no home base.

Two years of preparation preceded this adventure – selling our homes and releasing over forty years of accumulated possessions to others. Traveling light is the goal, unburdened and liberated (LIB – Living in Beauty).

Depoe Bay, Oregon

We’re simply wanderers with no firm itinerary. Our style is 4-3-2 : four-hour driving limit, stop by 3 pm and stay for 2-weeks – but we’ll drive for days to attend a beer festival, hot springs or natural wonder.

Our motto is, “No Fake Deadlines” and we’re sticking to it. “No reservations” is another rule we rarely break.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Below is a 2-minute documentary produced by Wunderman for Best Buy about living full-time in our Airstream. If you want to see ‘behind-the-camera’ and how the production team made the video, click here.

You can contact us here.

Here is a bit more about Jim’s career before he retired in July 2016.

Harper’s Ferry on the Potomac River, West Virginia

12 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Janeakre, we love our Airstream also. It is an oldie, but it sure provides us with everything we need to live in beauty. Here is an Youtube.com of the inside of Beauty taken before we started traveling full-time. Somethings have changes, like the recliners, but most of it looks that same today. https://youtu.be/uXCZsSC6mH0

  1. It was great meeting you at the Sarasota Sunny South Wednesday dinner and talking theatre. I am so envious of your constant trek. I too have wanderlust and travel whenever possible. I will enjoy your blog. You said it was long….it’s not, it’s very interesting! I hope we cross paths again.

  2. Incredibly thrilled for you! Thank you for living my dream! It will be wonderful to ride along with you via this blog!

  3. Just happen to stumble on your blog and now a follower. Congratulations on your decision of freedom. The AS community seems very connected. I’m in a different situation. A 50yr old widower who wants to show my 13 & 15yr kids this beautiful country. We’ve been in the camping mode for 5 yrs. up and down the northeast. We have had the typical migration from tent to popup and hopefully in a month or so, a Flying Cloud 28 w/ twins !!! My kids have never expressed an interest to go to the unoriginal vacation of Disney. They love places where hotels rooms are not, as they say. So far booked this year Assategue Island, Great Smokies & Cape Cod. We hope that our new rig will get us places further south/west/north. Damn work gets in the way. I will look forward in reading and possible contributing to your adventure. Your plan resonates with my thoughts as well. Get out there poke around. Best wishes and maybe our campfires will cross.
    (I do plan on getting some of those SS wine glasses)
    Happy trails !!!
    Neuman, from NJ.

    1. Pleased to know you Neuman! We do hope you contribute your adventures here. My sister lives in the Cherokee National Forest and she loves to hunt for excellent camping, so maybe I can contribute to your adventures there … Primitive camping with some of the most pristine trout filled rivers I’ve seen since I was a kid – and, the roads are surprisingly good for having almost no traffic. We do hope our campfires cross! Your kids sound wonderful! If you ever get to our corner of the states, take them to Anza-Borrego Desert! It’s about as hotel-free a place as I’ve ever seen. FC 28′ … Woo-hoo! Happy Trails indeed!!

  4. Congratulations. A wonderful adventure awaits. We pulled our 29ft Airstream for two years while we built our off grid retirement home. Loved every mile we travelled. You will meet the most helpful people, see the best the country has to offer and spend time around the campfire with those you love.
    If you are every up near Toronto Canada give us a shout. We have plenty of room for your trailer.
    Safe travels
    Art and Mary

    1. So happy to be in touch Art & Mary! We don’t have a date set but I am certain we will be in Toronto in the near future visiting friends who work there occasionally. We also plan to visit a friend and colleague who lives in Calgary. Oh, the anticipation to see Canada is excruciating! I will shout to you our plans as soon as they develop into something more. Thank you! Safe Travels!

  5. Congratulations Sis & Jim. A beautiful blog site. We will love following your adventures. Be sure to come visit us in the Smoky mountains whenever the mood strikes. David is planning the driveway expansion soon. love, Deb

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