We’re In Hot Water!

Posted September 25, 2016 – Narrated by Carmen
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Oh sure, it’s all fun and games til somebody gets hurt.

It is nothing else than a wild, rocky, barren wilderness of wrecked and ruined nature, a vast field of volcanic desolation. —William H. Winter, 1843 Oregon emigration

Mama-wisdom is our guide these days: Don’t let your tank get low. Have a flashlight ready. Keep an emergency meal in the car just in case …

We’re entering our tenth week of full-time Airstreaming and only now is it coming home to us that this is our life. We are not on vacation.

It began to sink in on Labor Day weekend – and every Sunday since – as we watch fellow campers pack up and leave to join the mad weekend rush home.

This is new territory.

We’re learning to pace ourselves. We don’t have to push so hard to accomplish our bucket list.

If we miss a festival, or a trail closes for the season, or there’s no water in the lake, or a pass is closed due to winter conditions … we can always come back.


Our new mantra is “No FD.’s” – No Fake Deadlines. No making up reasons to rush, inventing projects or sticking to a schedule that competing conditions can change in an instant.

As long as we’re willing to deal with the unexpected and delays, the benefits of off-season traveling (no crowds and clear roads) may outweigh the negatives … like the cold we’ve been fighting.

Almost no traffic on the Oregon road from Lake of the Woods to Burns and straight as an arrow for as far as the eye can see.


We gave our cold a name, Hrundi V. Bakshi, the character played by Peter Sellers in the 1968 movie – The Party). Hrundi dropped by the day we were traveling between Santa Rosa and Mount Shasta – where we began encountering extreme weather conditions – 90’s daytime, low 40’s at night.

Now, after two weeks of trailer-made soups, teas, toddies, and Maria’s Tonic (shots of fresh ginger and lemon juice with honey & turmeric) we wonder how many grotesque dying notes an upper-resperitory viral infection can play from its seemingly endless repertoire.

Leaving Shasta, we found much-needed rest in our deeply embedded, primitive, off-grid – and probably Yeti infested – paradise at the Aspen Point Campground – Lake Of The Woods, Oregon.

We woke every morning at the crack of 11am. In a couple of days, feeling fit, I paddled the circumference of the lake.

Hrundi was so impressed, he returned for an encore performance.

After a week, the campground closed for the season, so we had to move. Still not feeling well at all, we packed up and went hunting for hot springs along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway where satisfaction was a mere side-road away.

Well rested and soaked in the warmth of Mother Earth, we inched along the spectacular Central Oregon Highway and past several road crews doing winterizing work … then, finally, we made it to Idaho.

For five days now, we are situated in a cozy spot at Banbury & Miracle Hot Springs on an accessible bank of Idaho’s Snake River.

We’ve enjoyed visits with family..

Visiting Jim’s sister, Delores, who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho

…canyon viewing…

…watching base jumpers…

and soaking in the hot mineral springs as we weather out a storm.

Pico de Gallo hopes the rain stops at our camp spot on the Snake River

“It’s just a little rain” the campground host said. Yeah, just a little rain with 45 mph winds … “Um, we’re from San Diego …” Gary – retired law enforcement – totally gets it. It’s like there’s an official code for weather-impaired San Diegans or something.

He doesn’t miss a beat. “In that case you’ll want to stay put today down here in the canyon. Wind on the high ground can be harsh.”

We feel safe, warm and cared for here by the lovely staff.

So, yes, staying put for at least a few more days because our mamas didn’t raise no dummies. And, hoping Hrundi jumps off the bridge with his friends.

If you want to see our exact route, click here.

*photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) were taken and copyrighted by Living In Beauty.

8 thoughts on “We’re In Hot Water!

  1. Well done! We knew y’all could do it! Now get yourselves over to the eastern park of this great country. We’re in the Crossville, TN area at a really neat Airstream park…..should be here for another 10 days or so….
    Larry and Jacquie

  2. Sounds lovely. Love the no FD! Of course, you will recall that a viral upper respiratory infection that comes back may no longer be viral. And while you have left your friendly health system behind, you may still need one from time to time. Sorry, just had to say that. 🐾🐾🐾🙀

  3. Yeah Sister, I’m starting to worry about that cold. Wish someone with a stethoscope was listening to your lungs every day. Are y’all checking for fever morning and evening? Please call every day or two and check in with a doc-in-a-box clinic SOON if y’all don’t shake this stuff in the next couple of days. Love, Deb

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! I am saving all the great places you visit for our future travels. Right now I have to live the full-timer life vicariously from your tales, but hope to meet you on the road some day. I agree with Larry Cook, you need to head east. I’m in NC and we have some wonderful state parks! Get well soon!

  5. Mrc A, now B
    Hi folks,
    I’ve been catching up with your blog from August to now. Enjoying the narrative and photos, all splendid!
    “Hey” to Delores! Glad to see you. I was in Twin Falls in August, on the way to visit my sister in Fairfield.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures, Guys.

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