RV Travel Tips

Our Gear – After more than 6 years of traveling full-time, we have compiled a listing of RV travel essentials that we have on hand and use all the time, along with our review of the product. Links to online retailers are included.

Business is Business – Let’s get down-and-dirty with ideas, suggestions, tips, and procedures to keep our black water tank at a high level of Liquidity and on the happy side of our Balance Sheet

Water, Water … – RV water conservation techniques, tips and suggestions.

Playing with Dolphins – Have you considered upgrading to e-bikes? We finally took the plunge and joined the e-bike revolution. We get out more now – go farther – see places we’ve been missing. Here is a review of our Qualisports Dolphin e-Bikes.

RVer’s Bag o’ Tricks – Journeying overland at our own pace & changing plans as we go along would be a disaster without our magic-kit of digital resources. Here we are sharing our trip-planning strategies

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – Peace of Mind is real currency while towing a five-ton rig on a strange highway through unfamiliar territory. Suggestions for safe travel.

Beast of Burden – Occasionally, we’ve been asked to explain how we store our gear, if we have anything in storage, and how do we fit so much in the truck.

We’re Floored – What a difference an organic cork floor made in our Airstream!

Hot Stuff – A close look at our solar electrical system.

Prickly PairInterpersonal coping strategies while traveling in a small space.

Groovin’ to the 4-3-2 – Jim’s 4-3-2 Rule for traveling and enjoying the journey.

Over the Rainbeaubeaux – A 2-minute mini-documentary about traveling full-time. If your friends and family do not understand what you are doing, show them this video.

Roadside Debacle Busters – Are you prepared for a roadside emergency? Don’t be scared, be prepared! Here’s what we’ve learned.

Locked Out – Locked out of our trailer! What a messy business. Here’s how to get back inside.

Harvest Hosts – An Elegant Alternative – Harvest Hosts – a membership model that joins old-world hospitality to grass-roots commerce resulting in complimentary camping.

Travel Map and Facts – An animated map of our travels and average monthly costs and statistics you might find helpful.

Café Beaubeaux – How to make the perfect cup of coffee on the road.

Data Bing-Data Boom! – Data connectivity on the road and Verizon goes Unlimited …. well, kinda.

The Clearing  – How we got rid of all our possessions and prepared for full-time Airstreaming.

Our Kayaks – We love our kayaks! A quick look at our top-notch, lightweight inflatables.

We Met the Enema and It Is Us –

The Blowout of Destiny –

Square Peg/Round Hole –

Trapped!!!!  –

The Elephant In The Trailer  –

Let There Be LEDs  –

Airstreaming to Alaska – Final Chapter: Lessons Learned – Here is our open book of the details – things we learned during our adventure to Alaska which you may find interesting, or even serve you as you plan your own unique overland adventure to the 49th State.