Safe Harbor at Depoe Bay

Posted June 23, 2018 – Narrated by Carmen
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When it rains, we power-nap.

‎⁨Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park⁩, ⁨Klamath⁩, California

The last morning in Trinidad, we woke to that pleasant tappity-tap sound of light rain on aluminum. Distant thunder promised a downpour.

Depoe Bay, Oregon

On any normal day, we’d burrow deep into the down comforter and fall right back to sleep, but it was time to hit the road.

Klamath River, Klamath, California

We’d hiked over twelve miles the day before through the California Redwoods, and were still not adapted to the late-night sunsets in the north. We woke sleep-deprived and sore.

Jim put the kettle on to boil as we prepared to pull out. Snoozing in Beauty to the coastal lullaby of rain patter, sea-lions and the rhythms of the storm-tossed sea would have to wait.

North Bend, Oregon
North Bend, Oregon

We’d already hitched up the night before, so with only a bit of quick work, we got a move on.

Jim drove first and Beauty and the Beast towed like a dream through the silent misty redwoods. I snapped squares from a bar of dark Belgian chocolate which paired nicely with Jim’s freshly brewed Mexican coffee – all went down smooth as the newly paved 101.

Brookings, Oregon
Brookings, Oregon

Jim turned on the forecast. The storm covered several hundred miles. We were in for several days of foul weather up north.

Gold Beach, Oregon
Gold Beach, Oregon

Eureka! A bounty of God-given downtime to cocoon in Beauty on Oregon’s Scenic Coast!

We swooned with caffeine-hyped exultations over the possibilities ahead for day-sleeping, reading in bed and some serious beach bumming once the weather broke.

Welcome to Oregon

We watched for elk and paused for delays as road crews removed fallen trees. Unscathed, we arrived at our destination. Without breaks for lunch or fuel, the 300-mile coastal drive took about eight hours.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Florence, Oregon
‎⁨Heceta Head Lighthouse⁩, ⁨Florence⁩, ⁨Oregon

The Sea and Sand RV Park, only a five-minute drive from downtown Depoe Bay, would be our home for the next two weeks.

Sea and Sand RV Park, Depoe Bay, Oregon

Weary, bleary, done in – we set the rig up for a three-day rainstorm and made a quick escape to Gracie’s Sea Hag for beers and oyster shooters …

Then returned to the beach for hot showers, a big homemade Mexican dinner and a shameless binge of The Good Wife

Between downpours, short Pico-walks sufficed. We read, played Scrabble and stayed a respectful distance from Poseidon’s fury  …

while hanging out with our neighbor, Jason…

Our new friend, Jason from Sunday Driver Productions

…and we were at peace just being ourselves in a place we’d never been – a place that shouldn’t feel so familiar to us. We cooked at home with groceries from the Farmer’s Market …

and enjoyed the local beer and wine …

During breaks in the weather, we walked around the corner for crepes at C’est La Vie, or drove to town for baked oysters at The Sea Hag. For such a small town, there are many great restaurants in Depoe Bay.

Just when cabin fever was about to set in …

Woo-hoo!!! Call of the Wild time!

The sky blued up, the birds started chirpin’ and the rain started stoppin’.

Sea and Sand RV Park, Depoe Bay, Oregon

But first things first. We went to the Lincoln City Outlet Mall for warmer raincoats … and then, Pirate coffee!

Pirate Coffee, Depoe Bay, Oregon

Fully equipped, we visited The World’s Smallest Harbor with the bravest of sea stories to tell and the site for the fishing trip scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Depoe Bay Park Trail – only a few steps from the harbor – is a short but exceedingly tranquil and rewarding hike…

… and then, just across the street is the trailhead for the spectacular North Point Pedestrian Loop – which is just your average jaw-dropping, breath-taking neighborhood walk through Depoe Bay …

Depoe Bay, named for Siletz Indian Depot Charlie who was allotted the land in 1894 as part of the Dawes Act of 1887 is the whale-watching capital of the Oregon coast. Magnificent and intimidating, we exercised caution and stayed a safe distance from the shoreline of this treacherous but devastatingly gorgeous stretch of the Oregon Coast Trail.

With so much drama, it’s easy to understand why locals take their pirates and mermaids seriously.

Depoe Bay, Oregon
The Horn Public House and Brewery

Look, but don’t touch …

Depoe Bay, Oregon
Depoe Bay Brewing Company: Sea Witch Porter meets Depoe Bay IPA.

If you’re not well acquainted with the surf here, the wave you catch might not put you on top of the world …

On our last week, an exceptionally low tide drew hundreds of locals and tourists to the tide pools at Devil’s Punchbowl. So there we were standing under the sea when …

… Surprise!!!

We met Kelvin and Cindy! Recognizing our truck in the parking lot, they approached, smiling like old friends. “Are you Living in Beauty?” Kelvin asked.

Kelvin and Cindy are in their first year of full-timing. We loved meeting this wonderful couple who have given us so much needed encouragement since we started out. We wish these fellow full-timing Airstreamers safe and joyous travels and hope for many future meet-ups!

Under the sea with Cindy and Kelvin

Well, that was a first and the perfect inspiration to prepare for the big WBCCI rally in Salem where we will be presenters about traveling full-time in an Airstream.

Attaching our WBCCI numbers to Beauty.
Beauty gets a facial at Sea and Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay

Now, all we need is a speech.

But you never know what the tide will bring in.

Devil's Punchbowl, Depoe Bay, Oregon
Mermaid respect – Devil’s Punchbowl at low tide

18 thoughts on “Safe Harbor at Depoe Bay

    1. Greg, we too loved Sea and Sand RV Park. Right on the ocean and amazing views. We did not make it to Tidal Waves this trip, but we will next time.

  1. As a result of this post, we are looking at staying here after Mendocino and Brookings as we head up the coast!

    1. Gary, isn’t Depoe Bay a wonderful place! We had such a delightful time there. Wish we could have stayed longer. Someday we will return!

    1. Sue, we do too. And we need to plan on going back again someday and spend more time there.

    1. Kelvin, it was fantastic to meet up with you two. What a fun happenstance that we were all at the same place at the same time. Hope we can connect again sometime in the future.

    1. Sabrina, thank you for your kind words. The Oregon coast was an amazing experience. Glad you found it inspiring.

    1. Pamela, Glad you enjoyed the post. The Oregon coast is so beautiful. And yes, the Salem Rally was a lot of fun.

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