Am I Dreaming, Or Is This Savannah?

Posted February 6, 2018 – Narrated by Carmen
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One morning, about two weeks ago, I woke with the sudden cognition that my dreams had turned inside-out.

Siesta key Beach
This week on Siesta Key Beach in Florida

For as long as I can remember, my dreams were centered on the interiors of dozens of houses I’ve occupied from early childhood to the present.

But now, if any of those houses materialize at all, I am always on the outside viewing the exteriors as the structures wash up on a seashore, emerge in a clearing on a forested hill or pop up into the center of a highway.

Skidaway Island State Park campground
Skidaway Island State Park, a few miles from downtown Savannah, Georgia

Only rarely do I enter the “dream” houses but when I do, the windows are disproportionately large, gaping open like industrial garages and all kinds of wildlife nesting in and around the furnishings and crawling up in the trusses.

Skidaway Island State Park campground
Skidaway Island State Park campground

I shared all this with Jim and asked him if he thought we might be going feral.

After a moment of quiet consideration, he said that he didn’t know and conjectured that boxed wine and Salonpas would be prime bait for trapping feral trailer geezers.

Sheesh! Cajuns …

Grove Winery, Gibsonville, North Carolina
Grove Winery, Gibsonville, North Carolina.

So, I take this flip side of my dream-work to mean that, maybe, a shift has occurred …? that LIB is no longer in the realm of fantasy – the dream is now realized and I’ve entered a new dimension of unexplored territory.

I don’t know, but I wonder if other creatures released into their native habitat experience a similar transition.

Fetchy Puppy and Pico

I fly more now, too.

Before living in Beauty, I’d bump my knees while gliding over rooftops, get tangled in power lines … but these days, I gracefully skim along rivers, lakes, and fields – run my fingers through the leaves and watch the road below for the streak of silver which will be Beauty, Jim, and Pico meeting me for a rendezvous …

Skidaway Island State Park
Biking around Skidaway Island State Park

But, where are they? Oh no! Time is running out!

One dream-theme that has not changed is the ever-present antagonist, Time.

Which brings me to Savannah. If any city could cast a spell …

Talmadge Memorial Bridge, downtown Savannah
Talmadge Memorial Bridge to downtown Savannah

So, that’s where we spent my 62nd birthday week!

Savannah knows how to tame Time …

Paula Deen's Store, Downtown Savannah
A decoration for Daddy’s new kitchen.

The weather couldn’t have been better.

It rained – drizzled mostly with a few downpours. When it wasn’t raining the soggy Spanish moss tapped a tune on the trailer roof that went something like, “take-a-nap, take-a-nap, take-a-nap …”

Skidaway Island State Park
Skidaway Island State Park

The tantalizing food scene – just a short drive from our campground – roused us out of Dreamland and into Comfort-Food land.

Back and forth, back and forth – like windshield wipers – this dining out and napping thing played out for days.

The 5 Spot, Downtown Savannah
The 5 Spot’s fried green tomatoes… to dream for!
Sweet Potatoes, our favorite lunch!
Driftaway Cafe, Savannah
Driftaway Cafe, Savannah, GA – fresh succulent fish and charming potted garden!

Savannah had a deep-tissue effect on me. Even though it’s one of the most beautiful cities in North America …

Downtown Savannah

… hailed as the Hostess Of The South, and growing faster than all other Georgia cities – ranked first for public parks

Downtown Savannah

… and second only to Chicago for cool buildings and architecture, the place doesn’t put on highfalutin airs.

Pirate House, Downtown Savannah
The Old Pirates House, the oldest standing building in Georgia

Savannah is too big for that. She has softness and pulse, prays for me, feeds me biscuits and calls me “Baby.”

Downtown Savannah - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels

Now, we were sure to bring our church, synagogue and freemasonry manners with us, because The Hostess City is kinda-sorta ground-0 for prayer and politeness.

Downtown Savannah - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels

Then, we grabbed us some beers and set out to solve the great southern conundrum and had a good’ol history walk-about to boot.

Jim let me wear one of his Tommy Bahama shirts for my birthday walk through Savannah.

Sipping a local IPA while taking a self-guided tour of the downtown historical area proved to be prescriptively beneficial when confronted with the harsh realities of colonization, slavery, the Civil War and the struggle for civil rights …

Downtown Savannah

On the first sunny day, we took the Old Town Trolley Tour. This is another nifty and thrifty way to explore the city, enjoy all-day transportation and get elevated open-air city views from a cool, comfy seat.

That voluptuous tree canopy hinders views of those bodacious buildings from the curb, so the bus tour was essential for safely taking pics of the iconic street scenery from the middle of the street.

Downtown Savannah - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels
Downtown Savannah - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels
Downtown - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels
Downtown Savannah - Living In Beauty - Full-time Airstream travels
Juliette Gordon Low's Birthplace (founder of Girl Scouts of America)
Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace (founder of Girl Scouts of America)

It was really hot on that late October day and this birthday girl worked up quite a thirst.

Our guide told us that the best bar in Savannah is in the Prohibition Museum!

Savannah Prohibition Museum
Savannah Prohibition Museum
Savannah Prohibition Museum

Then, before going home, we stopped by Red & White Grocery and stocked up on smoked butt, slow-cooked field peas, turnip greens with extra pot liquor, fresh cornbread … and Mascot Chocolate Covered Pecans.

During our early supper, it started to drizzlin’ again. So we did the dishes and stretched out for a movie and a cozy nap because, Baby, that’s how it goes in Savannah where – for some reason I do not understand – you’ve got all the time in the world.

21 thoughts on “Am I Dreaming, Or Is This Savannah?

  1. I have always wanted to go to Savannah and almost feel like I was there with you! Eat nap eat nap…. there ya go!

    1. Lori,

      There’s nothing like Savannah in the U.S. Some compare Savannah with New Orleans, but it’s a completely different vibe. Go, eat, rest and then tell us about it!

      Best to you as you.


    1. We agree, Ben. We will spend more time there on our next visit. I wouldn’t mind staying for a month. We have heard that February is an ideal month to spend in the area.

      Thank you for being with us!



  2. When we met you guys in Marathon, we had just left Savannah. Although we had been there before, it was still as magical as it was the first time, and this time, it had Christmas cheer and good ole southern music and charm hovering over the moss filled trees. I so love following you guys, and you write such beautiful articles. I always look forward to hearing about your latest adventure. It sounds as if you are heading up the coast toward us. If you find yourselves in Va Beach, please let us know. We would love to get together with our fellow “Streamers”, and who knows? Maybe we’ll be in your blog one day…lol!!! Hugs to Pico and Jim! Keep LIB beautiful girl!!!

    1. Thank you! Great tip! We will try Mrs. Wilkes when we return to Savannah. One of our great pleasures is to visit those southern dining rooms in small towns which are hosted by a local dame of local culinary fame. Mrs. Mary Bobo’s in Lynchburg, VA – Miss Olivia’s Table in Maryville, TN – Dolores’s Sweet Shop in Apalachicola, FL … and many more. I’ve thought it would be fun to write a directory of these unique women-owned dining opportunities for travelers.

      Thank you for being with us!



    1. Hey Bill! Always great to hear from you. Yes, only 3 more years till Medicare! Woot! At over $20,000 a year for insurance for the two of us, that will be a big celebration we are both on the other side. My sister, Deborah, turned 64 yesterday and she’s celebrating only ONE MORE YEAR! Let’s hope the supplemental plans are increased astronomically (fingers crossed).

      Hey, we’re heading up north for the summer! Hope to meet up.



      1. That would be great if we could work it out. If you get within a 100 mi. of St Louis, give us a shout. We have a nice State Park not far from us Called Pere Marquette. It’s close to the little town of Grafton that I think you would enjoy. A winery/brewhouse on top the bluff has a view to die for. I’m buying!

  3. Sorry we missed you in Sarasota. We returned to snow here in Michigan on Sunday. What a difference a few days make. It was a fun first run and we learned a lot. One question, what type of camera are you using to take your beautiful photos?

    1. Hey Kathy! Sorry we missed you in Sarasota. Congratulations on your successful maiden voyage! I use two cameras- a Nikon CoolPix B-500 and an iPhone 7. I use the iPhone 7 pano mode a lot – especially for vertical panos because I like the way it functions. Since I’m a novice, I’m enjoying the new Nikon which was a gift from Best Buy when we did the video. Most of the photos in the last ten posts or so are from that camera. It’s a great camera for a beginner. Photography is one of the many gifts that have come from this journey – something that is totally new to me. It’s truly a way to share the beauty we are seeing every day. It gives me joy that you like them. Thank you, and safe travels!


  4. So fun reading your adventures! I am skiing this winter in my new retired state! Yah! Free time is so great!!!

  5. We loved Savannah and we REALLY loved Skidaway State Park. That was one of the nicest parks we stayed at on the east coast. It also gave easy access to Tybee Island which was lovely. Can’t wait to get back to visit all of the above. Your photos perfectly capture a wonderful city.

  6. Tybee Island was my first love and will remain so till the end of my days! The setting is very stunning and soothing! The restaurants, hotels, historic residences, and picturesque spots helped me fall in love with the area, changing me from a visitor to a resident! I initially learned about it and chose to visit in 2017! The rest, as they say, is history!

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