Aluminum Trailer Wheel – 16 inch T02 – 6-Lug

Four years ago, when we had a blowout we replaced our 15″ wheels with these 16″ wheels so we could use 16″ Light Truck (LT) tires instead of the old 15″ Standard Trailer (ST) tires. Since then we’ve traveled 40,000 miles and haven’t had any blowouts since. The trailer tows much more smoothly and the tires last longer and the ride is safer because blowouts are reduced. If you’d rather spend money on upgrades than repairs, then go Sweet 16. When you order, make sure you get the correct configuration for your trailer.

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  • Trailer-wheels
  • 1-piece cast
  • Center Cap NOT included
  • Make sure you purchase the correct wheel configuration for your trailer.