Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards – 3 Pieces

Back in 2015 when we discovered these cool cutting boards in our friend’s Mammoth rental condo, we knew we had to have them. With dozens of color combinations, these boards will suit any kitchen decor. We ordered the white with black handles because we’re boring.

The best features for us are:

  1. They store easily in our Airstream trailer’s kitchen utility drawers.
  2. The BPA plastic surface does not dull our knives.
  3. Non-porous surface facilitates easy clean-ups.
  4. Deep grooves catch liquids and prevent spillage onto the counter and floor.
  5. Flip them over – so the the juice grooves are on the bottom – and they make lovely, easy carry presentation platters.
  6. They look new for years and years …

At a modest estimate, at least a ton of food has crossed our Gorilla Grip cutting boards since 2015 and we remain thrilled to have this set in our kitchen. But it’s difficult to express their value. To know them is to get them and use them. So get them.



  • NOT ALL CUTTING BOARDS ARE CREATED EQUAL!! Our professional quality cutting boards and cheese servers are both strong and durable to help ensure that they remain in place on most smooth and clean surfaces.
  • MUCH LARGER AND THICKER: Our cutting boards have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding chef needs! The set of three comes with: a large 16” x 11.2”, a medium 13.8” x 9.6” and a small 11.8” x 8” size. They are thicker and larger than most other cutting boards and contain deep grooves to catch juices so your countertop stays clean.
  • CLEAN and SAFE: The boards are dishwasher Safe and BPA Free. Plus, they’re non-porous (unlike wood/Bamboo), so they won’t splinter, crack or peel. No oiling or maintenance necessary!
  • WON’T DULL OR HARM KNIVES: Our cutting boards are a great choice for chopping vegetables and meats and serving cheese.
  • GUARANTEE: No Questions Asked Return Policy. Guaranteed to Hold Gripping Properties for 10 years.