Wherever You Go, There You Are

Posted June 1, 2016 – Narrated by Carmen

(There is no podcast due to our transition into living in our Airstream)

It happened again today.

While riding my trike home from the IGA grocery store, I found myself smiling for no discernible reason.

Darting through a threatening intersection of after-school traffic my face fired off what felt like a beatific expression of exhilaration and gratitude.

And, that was the third time.

Paddling the bay last week, about five minutes before Jim spotted a sea turtle – or a sea turtle spotted him is more accurate.

The second time was three days ago while kayaking.

A brutal surf in the shallow basin of South Bay San Diego seemed determined to pound me to masa right there on the jetty when – kaboom – my facial muscles took flight as a sprinkling of blissful peace surrounded me.

That serene feeling is similar to the one I had last week (thought it was a fluke) while folding clothes in the laundry mat.

I glanced at Pico napping on the bench. And shazam, my chest seemed to radiate light as my heart aligned with universal perfection for one weightless, glowing moment before my over-active inner-critic grumbled, “It’s just something about performing a pleasurable, mundane task and your body is experiencing the bliss of familiar routine amidst all this chaos …”

Laundry Day with Pico

That’s what’s been missing.

Familiar… and, Routine.

For the last two years, we’ve dispatched the fat from a lifetime of accumulated possessions, and transferred the best into a 240 square-foot trailer.

The task is finally done – but, during that critical transition period my face must have slowly frozen into a thoughtful, pained or even tragic expression – at least for the better part of May.

As one urgent task led to another, I pondered the thought that Jim and I had, perhaps, made the most incredibly irresponsible decision two aging and ailing boomers could make.

Downsizing …

Then, when escrow suddenly closed last week, an event I had come to doubt would occur this year, the flood of necessary details caught us off guard, even as the enormity of our plans came to fruition…

We don’t own a house or property anymore – only a 30′ Airstream trailer and a truck and their contents.

A loaf of savory mushroom-sage pompe a l’huile. Comfort bread.
that soothing fragrance of baked bread in the Airstream …

Baking and writing is the usual prescription for tumultuous circumstances, but during the bustle and finalities of this May, time to sit and think it out never arrived.

My body leapt into action, eager to deal with the immediate issue of house-keeping the trailer because we had passed the point of no return.

“The Bill of Rights” tall ship docked at the Chula Vista Marina

So now, a week later, my face contorts into a smile and I wonder, “what’s that all about”?

It’s because after two years of checking-out and checking-in, I’m home at last. Since I tend to think too much, my face and gut gets the message before I do.

We really have moved past all that stuff (i.e.) the comfort of a lifetime of found treasures arranged lovingly in a context which traditionally expresses the fullness of one’s years on planet earth and that one’s survivors will be required to sort through and make sense of and ultimately discard.

All that stuff is now filtered, homogenized, dehydrated, compressed and encapsulated into a large silver lozenge which, until very recently, threatened to choke me … but now, goes down silky smooth.

It took two years but the last six weeks were the toughest: We’ve moved out of our house, moved into Beauty, and closed escrow.

All that remains until we’re freeFreeFREE to wander about the continent Living The Dream is for Jim to retire on July 1. Thirty days from now. Oh, yes. We’re counting …

Here’s some greenhorn Airstream experiences we’ve lately overcome:

  1. Every time a cabinet is opened something falls out.
  2. I spend most of my day looking for something I put away two hours earlier.
  3. I stub my toes on items I’ve had no choice but to cram under the table or beside the bed because there’s no other place to put them.
  4. There’s a cold beer, lettuce and left-over avalanche every time I open the refrigerator because I can’t seem to accept that it’s only about 1/8 the size of my old one.
  5. Every night is spent on the computer shopping for space saving devices or a replicator like in Star Trek.
  6. Every day I throw out items I have been saving (for a full year) “for the Airstream” out the door of the Airstream into a bin where they are shoved into bags and donated.

I say we’ve overcome these challenges because:

  1. The cabinets are no longer overloaded; I can now find items quickly and extract them easily.
  2. Most of the items under the table have either been used or are in the outside cooler (mostly beer and wine) or, were donated.
  3. I now relax more at night and do creative things because I have come to realize that we don’t need all the miraculous and incredible space-saving devices the internet has to offer, we just need to stop thinking we need so much.

Also, I am learning the “Jim” stuff – about the machine we live in.

Beauty’s not just a pretty face. She’s a hard-wired, delicately plumbed, rolling cache of life-essentials.

She even has mood-swings. I’m cool with that. I’m learning how she lives, breathes and moves and what she needs where-and-when – all the important things for both of us to know at all times.

Meanwhile, the blogging can’t be stopped! It serves many purposes.

It’s a journal of our adventures.

And even though we’ve only traveled a couple of miles from home, we’re in it deep now – prepped and committed.

This blog is also a way to keep our family and friends informed about our travels, and it connects and involves us with other Airstreamers and full-timers.

We also hope that we’re a source of information for those who might be thinking about this lifestyle.

In only a few weeks in a single park, we’ve met a couple who have actually lived full-time in their Airstream for two years now. They connected us with Airstream Addicts on Facebook.

And, last week I encountered a blog about another (much younger) couple who – like us in many ways – are preparing for full timing and moved into their Airstream the same time we did and are waiting to retire later this year! Wow. For Boomers, we are soooo millennial …

I guess I’m smiling because – the transition is over and we haven’t changed at all.

We’re still that curious, off-beat couple.

Happy Hour in the AS – that’s rattle snake bread but Jim ate the rattler off.

Grafting ourselves to the Airstreaming life was dependent on not diverting from who we are, as we continue to do what we want to do.

We’re best when we’re fulfilling our goals, accepting ourselves and becoming more aware of our needs and passions.

We have achieved our vision that we don’t have to age gracefully in a traditional lifestyle if we don’t want to – and Beauty makes that happen.

I’ve always wanted to be a full-time Girl Scout. Beauty makes that happen.

Living a mundane life in one place shuts me down creatively, so I need to be on the move. Beauty makes it happen.

We both need more outdoor time. Beauty makes it happen.

We want to visit old friends. Beauty makes it happen.

We’d like to see the world in a context that is not about necessity and business, but contemplation and recreation. Beauty makes it happen.

And, wherever Beauty goes, there we are.

If you want to see our exact route, click here.

*photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) were taken and copyrighted by Living In Beauty.

15 thoughts on “Wherever You Go, There You Are

  1. It sounds like y’all are finally, (well almost) on your way to realizing a dream. Hopefully, this summer our pages will cross!

    1. Hey Larry! Did Jim tell you that I found some popcorn for you to try? It’s from Mexico. I’ve heard good things about it and will bring you some. Yes! Scotch & Popcorn blog will probably emerge within the year 😉 xoxo

      1. Wonderful! I’m always up for new kinds of popcorn. We’re in northern Indiana, and I’ll be buying enough for at least 10 months. We’ll pick up a few pounds for you guys also. I’ve been making a mixture of EVO and butter to pop it with, it’s fantastic!

  2. Congratulations on making it to your next phase. You’re going to love it.
    Did I tell you we lost the second skylight on the trip home! Glad you have yours already upgraded.
    Still, be sure you carry a big roll of duct tape. We couldn’t have made it home without it.

    1. No! Not the other one! Geez … Have Duct Tape, Will Travel! So glad to hear you’re on the other side of that adventure. If you have any other concerns about Excella, you should connect with Larry Cook. He’s an Excella Whisperer. We hope to see you down the road, Bill! xoxo

  3. I truly enjoy__and look forward to__your posts. The candor, insight and poetry of the writing is compelling, as is the subject matter. I mean, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Knowing you a bit, of course, makes it special.

    1. I LOVE that you are following, Jim! We hope to get into the more practical stuff – but that must wait till after July because Jim has the skills – Meanwhile, I hold forth and hope someone gets it. You. xoxo

  4. Never met you, but love following your adventures. Feel you are a sister I just have never met. Who knows, maybe some day down the road….. You are always welcome in Little Rock if you find yourselves this direction in your travels.

    1. Thanks so much for being here Judy! When we’re in or near Little Rock, we will contact you. Are you on Facebook? If so, look me up 🙂

  5. What an adventure! Thanks so much for sharing the pre-journey journey. Your shedding and editing your “stuff” is inspiring. So look forward to following you as you sail across the continent.

    1. Thanks for coming along, Jan! Yes, the sailing metaphor is taking hold as we learn that many Airstreamers and RVers prefer marine suppliers to camp stores to outfit their rigs. I have a produce hammock on order and yesterday we received our new Magma solid stainless steel nesting cookware set! I’m hoping to try it out tonight with fresh mussels if I can find them today. So glad you’re here! Love the good vibes 😀

  6. So exciting to get to this point. I knew that you and Jim had Beauty ship-shape and ready to roll when you and I were talking on the phone yesterday and that tremor hit. I said “Did anything rattle?’ Your “Nope, no rattles!” had a satisfied grin sound with it.
    David and I are looking forward to having ya’ll in the driveway later this year. It is a beautiful summer here in the Cherokee Nat’l Forest. Jim’s cigar porch is waiting.
    Love ya Sister

    1. Love you, Sis. No rattles because everything is mostly wood, plastic and stainless steel – no ceramic, glass (except for Jim’s sun tea jar). I am so excited today! We bought paint to refinish our wine tables to coordinate with the exterior of the trailer! I’ll send pics soon! xoxo

  7. Congratulations on your unburdening, simplifying and rediscovering…and the fortitude and bravery it took to achieve your next chapter.

    1. Thanks Dean! We still have so much to do as we count down, prep and close business here that it’s hard to imagine the next chapter! Soon though, very soon!

      Great to have you here 🙂

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