Are We There Yet? … Are We There Yet?

Posted June 15, 2016 – Narrated by Carmen
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Remember playing car games on road trips? “I spy with my little eye … “

The waiting feels like that some days – even when you’re basking in luxurious digs on the San Diego bay.

Stock photo of the Chula Vista Rv Resort and Marina
Carmen’s workout and exercise area – but the staff keeps the temperature in the mid-80’s! Also, there are yoga classes upstairs.

Still, we’re champing at the bit to do some dry camping out in the wild boondocks – test our grit, do some serious geezer hiking, live the dream.

Two and a half weeks!

Only two-and-a-half weeks till Jim retires and in about a month we’ll begin our full-time travels.

That’s the plan anyway … after a few more chores like donating Jim’s work clothes – or “monkey suits,” as he calls them.

But these cold, flat, gray skies in concert with Jim’s long days – beginning with the dreaded 5 am commute – threaten to wind up and backhand the joy right off our faces.

On days like that, we take to the water,

The Tijuana Estuary at high tide, California

Or visit an old friend on Memorial Day.

or, buy something new for Beauty, Magma 7 piece nesting cookware setPortable Ice Maker, and a Hanging Fruit Basket

or paint some old cherry wood wine tables Jim made to match the colors of our Zip Dee chairs.

or smoke a fish over fresh rosemary boughs …

or hit The Coronado Brewery for a mini pre-retirement celebration

Happy Hour at the Coronado Brewing Company

Hey, it sure beats counting telephone poles.

Having started several businesses, we know the agonizing limbo that lies between conceptualizing your dream and reaching achievement.

But, this space can be a blessing for spending time in research, being present, celebrate the moment  …

Last Saturday morning a warm gusty wind blew through our campsite carrying with it some excellent live latino music. Maybe a family reunion, we thought, or a wedding.

Eventually, the fragrance of fish tacos lured us out on a walk with the birthday boy.

Wow! Over 200 gorgeous cars and a thousand people celebrating family and automobiles.

Jim grew up a couple of miles from here in National City and we met in high school when I moved here in 1971 – so, this unexpected Car Club event was like a time-warp – the clock spun back forty years and dropped us on Highland Avenue on a Friday night where the low-riders cruised up and down bouncing their rides til the cops came along and sent everyone home.

A police siren even went off periodically to draw us into “the moment”.

I met an old classmate there, now a Raza Car Club member.

These hobbyists and professional restoration specialists were eager to talk about their cars and explain the culture from classic bombs made between 1930 and 1955 to hoppers that are now engineered with high-tech suspension systems.

They’ve come a long way from when sand bags were used to get a car low to the ground.

Yes, all very educational, but for this home girl it’s always been about the eye candy …

The chrome

The interiors

The paint

This was the second annual Raza Car Club event with at least 200 cars and at least eight Car Clubs participating from all over California.

This free event included top-notch bands playing a variety of music – oldies, ballads, mariachi – the best in Musica de la Raza.

These guys were great!

A truly wonderful event. If you missed, check it out next year and plan to buy a hat…

and a plate of fish tacos …

some funnel cake …

or some healthy fruit …

Okay … back to waiting.

If you want to see our exact route, click here.

*photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) were taken and copyrighted by Living In Beauty.

10 thoughts on “Are We There Yet? … Are We There Yet?

  1. Photos indicate car show and shine was a great time. We are sitting in our 19′ Bambi in Petaluma on an overcast day Going to Bodega Bay this am.

    Keep up the blog? I follow you constantly.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hey Brock! Great to have you here! We hope you made it safe to Bodega Bay and are settled in for a great time. We’ve never been there, but I’ll bet the paddling is great …

      We love the coast but after so much mandatory time here through the gray season, we’re feeling a bit soggy. We haven’t made any firm plans but we’ll probably head toward the high desert in mid-July.

      Happy Summer!

  2. Your Airstream Sound Studio sounds really wonderful. Hope you don’t spend ALL your retirement working though. Keep it frosty Sis.

  3. Hang in there, only a few weeks left until the journey really starts! We’re in northern Indiana, stocking up on the years supply of popcorn…..Hope to meet you guys somewhere, sometime this summer or this fall….

    1. In the last stretch. Whew! This was a crazy workweek for Jim and one more to go …

      We got a medical alert got an alert that we are in for some high temperatures this weekend. That will be a nice change from the cold-soggy-windy we’ve had for months.

      We’ll figure out a way to meet-up with you in late Summer or early Fall. We still have no idea where we’re going … we only know we’re going to try to avoid traffic and anything that sounds like work 😀

      See you soon, Larry!

      1. We’re looking forward to that! Jacquie had a mishap earlier this week, she tripped over a downspout at our friend house where we are parked. She broke her left arm just below the shoulder. It’s a simple break, and we have an appt. With an orthopod Tuesday, so we hope to know more then. So far we’re hoping to continue our trip as soon as the break is stabilized. Will keep y’all informed.

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