Magma Nesting 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Ceramica Non-Stick

This Gourmet “Nesting” Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set with Ceramica Non-Stick lining consumes a mere square foot of space in our 30′ trailer, Beauty. It is as essential as our bed, toilet and shower.

As a serious home-cook, it was a hair-raising decision to make the switch from my expansive collection of LeCreuset to this comparatively tiny stack of Magma. For me, letting go of cast iron was the most unappealing aspect of Living in Beauty.

But, thanks to the recommendation – by Airstream friends who are better cooks than we are – we made the switch to Magma.

Some of the best chefs in the world who cook in the smallest professional kitchens on the planet (yachts, trains and jets) use Magma. So, we decided to test our skills and become small kitchen wizards.

Before we hit the road, Jim (an efficiency nerd) had little interest in cooking, or the time. He was happy to make the daily coffee and step out for some amazing grilling. The kitchen itself didn’t excite him until that shiny, slender set of Magma made a sexy streamlined entrance. Now, he’s in the kitchen more than I am! In fact, he’s writing a Magma-specific cookbook featuring dinners for two with step-by-step instructions.

We love good hometown cafes and pubs – and, we’re happy to spring for landmark dinner houses, but Home is our favorite restaurant. We love fresh local ingredients from farms and markets when we spot them on the secondary roads we prefer to travel. Since the pandemic, many of the best places just aren’t as good as they once were so, these days, we cook more than ever.

In the kitchen we are complete opposites. Jim is methodic to the gram. He replicates his flavorful 600 calorie per-serving creations with laboratory precision. Me? I go for chaos theory, experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. My passion is to whip up a duck confit poutine in Montreal, bourbon scones in Kentucky and mission-style burritos in San Francisco. Yet, even with our unique preferences and style, we haven’t met a dish that’s beyond Magma’s capabilities. Using our propane stove, portable induction cooktop and Conture convection/microwave oven, our collection of Magma Ceramica is all we need to prepare every meal we desire.

The dutch oven is the stock pot, pasta pot and soup pot. We upgraded our collection with the colander for steaming veggies and seafood and straining pasta. The colander is also great for washing and rinsing seafood, veggies and meats.

The Sauce Pot serves as the grain pot. It cooks lovely light, and fluffy rice, oatmeal, grits, quinoa and mixed grain pilaf.

The Fry Pan is a workhorse. It’s like a shallow stock pot which also serves as a lid for the dutch oven  when we want to steam an oversized pile of veggies. The Fry Pan is the right size to make a deep Crustless Quiche or a Neapolitan Spaghetti Pie, or Crispy-bottom Rice on the stove. For oven-baked delights, its depth is ideal for a Shepherd’s Pie or Deep Dish Apple Pie. We use it to bake Banana Bread, Shakshika, and Clementine Cake and our favorite travel bite, Spanish Tortilla (Potato Omelette) which we can either bake in the oven or on the cooktop.

We added the Omelette Pan to our collection – it nests perfectly into the easy-to-access stack – and we’ve never before had a more efficient pan for basting eggs and making perfectly formed omelettes and frittatas. And, it’s so handy to have that one extra pan for big family gatherings and holidays.

Magma also offers a 10-Piece Set.  Again, we added the omelette pan, the colander, and the protectors to our 7-piece Ceramica Cookware Set.

The Magma Ceramica non-stick surface is strong, but to protect the finish we only use silicone and wood utensils. We are currently on our second set of Magma, but keep in mind that we travel full-time and live in Beauty every single day for the last seven years – so our cookware is subject to heavy use.

If the two of us can become small kitchen wizards, then so can you.

May you range wide, dream large and live small with Magma.



  • 100% 18-10 mirror polished marine grade stainless steel cookware set that nests and stores in less than 1/2 cubic foot of cabinet space
  • Encapsulated triple-clad bottoms are milled perfectly flat for perfect heat distribution on gas, electric, halogen, or glass ceramic cook tops
  • Ceramica the world’s best ceramic non-stick; this Earth friendly, Non-Toxic, PFOA, and PTFE free, Slate Black, Ceramica non-stick is remarkably easy to clean, extremely durable, and will not stain, peel, blister, or flake, and nothing sticks to it
  • Set includes: 5 qt. Stock Pot, 10 in. diameter Skillet/Frying Pan, 2 qt. Sauce Pan, Sauce Pan Lid, Stock Pot and Skillet/Fry Pan Lid, (1) Ergonomic Removable Handle, and convenient “Bungee” Storage Cord
  • Cookware is oven safe to 500 Degree F (excluding removable handle)

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