Magma Nesting 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Ceramica Non-Stick

This Gourmet “Nesting” Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set with Ceramica Non-Stick takes only a square foot of space in our trailer.

It was one of the toughest decisions of my culinary life to switch to Magma but there was no way I could narrow down my expansive collection of Le Creuset for our new mobile lifestyle.

Thanks to the recommendation of some Airstream friends who cook better than I do, I made the switch.

Some of the best chefs in the world who cook in the smallest kitchens on yachts, trains and planes use Magma. So I decided to test my skills and be a small kitchen wizard.

We prefer to cook and eat at home with fresh local ingredients. I like to experiment with new foods and methods. So far, I’ve not found anything that I can’t cook to the best of my abilities with my limited trailer equipment (3 propane burners, a small convection oven and an instant pot)and my Magma Ceramica.

The dutch oven is my stock pot, pasta pot and soup pot. I added the colander for steaming veggies, seafood and straining pasta. The colander is also great for washing and rinsing seafood, veggies and meats.

The “sauce” pot is also my grain pot and cooks perfect rice, oatmeal, quinoa and mixed grain pilaf.

The “fry pan” is like a shallow stock pot that can also be used as a lid for the dutch oven to steam a grand pile of vegetables on the stove. The fry pan also is perfect for making quiche on the stove or in the oven. It can be a banana bread pan, a clementine cake pan and even make tortilla-style omelette cakes in the oven or on the stove.

We added the omelette pan to our set and I can honestly say that we’ve never had a more efficient pan for basting eggs and making perfectly formed omelettes and delicious frittatas.

Magma also offers a 10-Piece Set.  Again, we added the omelette pan, the colander, and the protectors to our 7-piece Ceramica Cookware Set.

Go ahead. Take a big leap and be a small kitchen wizard!



  • 100% 18-10 mirror polished marine grade stainless steel cookware set that nests and stores in less than 1/2 cubic foot of cabinet space
  • Encapsulated triple-clad bottoms are milled perfectly flat for perfect heat distribution on gas, electric, halogen, or glass ceramic cook tops
  • Ceramica the world’s best ceramic non-stick; this Earth friendly, Non-Toxic, PFOA, and PTFE free, Slate Black, Ceramica non-stick is remarkably easy to clean, extremely durable, and will not stain, peel, blister, or flake, and nothing sticks to it
  • Set includes: 5 qt. Stock Pot, 10 in. diameter Skillet/Frying Pan, 2 qt. Sauce Pan, Sauce Pan Lid, Stock Pot and Skillet/Fry Pan Lid, (1) Ergonomic Removable Handle, and convenient “Bungee” Storage Cord
  • Cookware is oven safe to 500 Degree F (excluding removable handle)

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