Maple Wood Spatula

Since we discovered this uniquely shaped maple wood spatula, cooking anything from the perfect omelet to stir fried vegetables is a cinch.

It is made in Canada and is only sold in the United States from Williams-Sonoma.



To help you whip up the world’s best omelettes, we worked with Tom Littledeer, a Canadian inventor and designer known worldwide for his beautifully carved kitchen tools. Inspired by the graceful silhouettes of his legendary canoe paddles, the result is a solid maple spatula whose curves complement the contours of your omelette pan, ensuring perfect results every time.

  • We salute Littledeer as a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company that’s powered by renewable energy.
  • Versatile wooden omelette spatula offered in two different designs for right- or left-handed users.
  • Handcrafted from solid North American maple, a durable hardwood that’s ideal for culinary use.
  • Meticulously shaped and sanded for a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Safe for use with nonstick finishes, glass and porcelain.
  • Heirloom-quality paddle will provide many years of service.
  • Made in Canada.
  • A Williams Sonoma exclusive.