iPostal1 – Our Snail-Mail Postal Service

We have used iPostal1.com since we hit the road full-time in July 2016, and still love their service.

We like that we see online (computer or iPhone) a photo of the outside of every mail piece we receive (the day it is received). We can then choose to have the contents scanned to PDF so we can see online what is inside, have it discarded, or have it held until we want it shipped to our latest location.

We use them as our official address for the IRS, our drivers license, vehicle registration, voting, banking, social security, medical billing… Everything!

Why we went them initially back in July 2016 was they had more than 1000 addresses to choose from in all the States. We were able to choose our domicile state and city. We selected an address near where we lived before starting to travel full-time.

It’s about $10 a month base price. There is an additional fee to scan the contents to PDF or to ship our mail to us wherever we are at the moment, about once a month. In the 2699 days we have been traveling, we average about $18 a month.

We highly recommend this company! No complaints!!