Cooler – 20-Quart

Unfortunately, our Otterbox Cooler was discontinued in 2022.

We did a lot of research, and the best bang for your buck is this Amazon Rotomolded Cooler.

According to many tests on Youtube, the ice lasted almost as long as the Yeti – the difference was almost imperceptible. At a fraction of the cost of a Yeti.

Why do we even need a cooler? Great question. I ask myself this all the time. Why? With a refrigerator, freezer and ice maker on board, is a cooler necessary? Well, just like living in a house, a cooler is kind of a requirement for parties in our camp and for outings away from Beauty. It also comes in handy when we have to defrost the freezer, or shop for groceries at a great distance from camp.

A cooler is simply an awkward and bulky necessity – so you want to have the right one. It needs to work hard to earn its keep.

When the cooler is not in use we store our pile of canvas shopping bags in it. And, when guests arrive, it makes a great place to sit when you’re a chair short.

Great cooler … for a cooler.

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  • This product was previously sold as Super Handy and now as AmazonCommercial. The AmazonCommercial logo is a sticker and may be easily removed if desired.
  • Roto-molded ice cooler ideal for camping, recreation, job sites, events, and more; provides excellent ice retention up to 3-5 days or longer (if pre-cooled or kept in low temps/UV index)
  • Highly durable roto-molding manufacturing process outperforms traditional coolers; 3 inch thick, commercial-grade insulation and all-around UV protective shell; food-grade safe and dry ice compatible
  • Molded tie-down slats and a lock-in-place ergonomic steel handle for easy, secure transport
  • Commercial-grade 360° D-seal 15mm gasket effectively traps in cold air; recessed zero-leak drain plug
  • Dual built-in stainless steel lock-plate bottle openers, non-skid feet, and low-profile snag-less TPE T-clasp latches for reliable, secure closure
  • 20 quart/18.9 liter capacity; can fit up to (23) 12 ounce cans with no ice added; internal dimensions measure 14.4(L) x 8.1(W) x 10.4(H) inches; empty weight of 16.7 pounds