Egg Cooker

A tiny alien spaceship on our countertop cooks all of our eggs with a couple tablespoons of water 🛸

We love boiled eggs in our salads and also soft-boiled eggs and poached eggs on savory grits or oats. But when dry-camping the considerable amount of water required to boil eggs is often prohibitive. Boiling eggs is a water-heavy project. You need water to cook them, ice water to cool them and even more water to peel them. Same thing goes for poaching – too much water required.

Not with this egg cooler!

Now, we use less than a quarter cup of water to cook six eggs. No water is required to cool the eggs and neither do we need to hold them under water to peel because the shells just slide off to reveal perfectly unscarred whites.

Over a year ago, I ran into the egg-cooker concept in an article about pickled eggs. This Scottish cook explained how you will need some kind of egg-cooker which makes the peel slip off like a tiny diaper revealing whites as smooth as android butts. If you try this without an egg-cooker he said, your efforts will not appear appetizing. Okay, diapers, android butts … not appetizing … But, I got the message. Somewhere there exists a method to achieve NO pitted whites! What’s this about “a proper egg-cooker?” I had to know.

Research done, I settled on this cooker. It was an easy decision because it had thousands more favorable reviews than any other egg-cooker and Amazon had it in stock. The investment was minimal, even cheap. My biggest concern was that the gizmo would end up in a landfill if we didn’t like it.

As we waited for our egg-cooker to arrive from Amazon, Jim (the neat freak in charge of the kitchen), anguished about where to put it. “Let’s not go there yet,” I said, “we don’t even know if we’re going to keep it.”

When it arrived, the box was so light we thought it might be empty. “If anything’s in there it’s probably a piece of junk and won’t last a week.” the neat-freak grumbled.

Wow, is it light! When we extracted it from the box, it weighed in at 32 ounces.

Operation is so simple Pico could cook eggs if he had opposable thumbs.

We poured in the water, pierced our eggs with the tiny tack provided, set the eggs in their little seats, closed the hatch, plugged it in, set the timer and it blew us away – it’s performance is lightyears better than anything we expected.

Now, every time we boil eggs we get rapid, perfect results with no frustration over the peels which just crumple right down like Sue Ann Niven’s knickers. Poaching is effortless with high-quality results. We love jammy eggs on avocado toast and the half-cooked yolk is perfect every time.

Now, after a year of using it, it is Jim’s second favorite appliance next to his tiny food processor. We use the same egg-cooker we pulled out of the box last year. Even though we use it several times a week it hasn’t deteriorated in any way whatsoever, and it still performs without any malfunctions. Clean-up is so easy it’s ridiculous. We just wipe it out the pan with a bit of vinegar on a cloth and put it away. Even the cleaning is water efficient. We don’t know how we managed without “a proper egg cooker.” Going back to stovetop methods would be a serious regression in civilized earthling behavior.

Now, whether we’re dry-camping or not, this is how we cook soft, hard-boiled and poached eggs.

Fast, easy, accurate, no unpleasantness, surprises or failures every single time. It is also lightweight, small and water efficient for easy storagean RV’ers dream appliance.

And, it makes us smile. “Who’s a cute little spaceship full of egg-head aliens?” 👽

“Take us to your beater!” 😆



  • [304 stainless steel inside and outside] :Lid cover、Omelette Tray、9 egg cooking rack、Heating Plate、 are made of food-grade PP 304 stainless steel,so that the cooking surface can keep the food healthy 【most of the products on the market is made of plastic, which will cause harm to the body when dissolved at high temperature】.This egg cooker is rust-proof, lasts longer, is durable and easy to clean.
  • [Large capacity of 9 eggs] :Single layer of 9 eggs can meet the needs of families and office workers.It can steam up to nine eggs at a time in a single layer, which heats more evenly.On the 【market, the double-layer egg cooker is not evenly heated, the contact heat of the bottom is high, the contact heat of the upper is less, and the boiled egg is not easy to cook, and the taste is not good】.
  • [30Minutes timer settings without care]:1-30 minutes timing setting can meet the time requirements of different ingredients.The Egg Boiler includes a measuring cup which has level markings to indicate how much water is required and how many eggs you’re cooking, as well as how many minutes you want soft, medium or hard boiled eggs to be set (refer to the instructions)
  • [Multifunctional] : Oroton Easy Egg Cooker is an r is an all-in-one egg boiler, scrambler, poached,omelet/veggie steamer and dumpling.
  • [Convenient and safe] : simple and convenient.Press the on/off button to start and the auto off function prevents overcooking and ensures safe use.The eggs cook in a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the process.When your eggs are cooked, the buzzer will “ding” to remind you, and the power will be automatically turned off.
  • [Included accessories] : Egg cooker base;304 stainless steel Lid cover , 9 egg cooking rack, 5 egg poaching tray, omelette tray, Measuring cup with piercing pin, and instruction manual!
  • [3-years warranty] : Watch our instructional videos in our listings.Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority, we guarantee it!We are so sure you will love your egg cooker that we offering a 3 years warranty.If you have any questions about the products, contact us in time, we will provide 24 hours customer service.

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