Empty Spray Bottle – 8 oz. – Frosted Assorted Colors

We know it sounds like an overstatement but, we LOVE these little 8oz bottles that hold our goop. The size is perfect for our Airstream storage areas. They fit in our shower caddy, the inside of the truck door, and even in our pockets. The nozzles are adjustable so you can change them from a stream to a mist.

Fill them with household cleansers like vinegar and water, or alcohol or hand-sanitizer – and personal items like body oils, soaps, water.

The three different colors help us track what’s what (green for outside, gray for inside, pink for pet, or whatever) but the best part is how easy it is to re-purpose these sturdy little bottles. Just write on them with a wide permanent marker and when you’re finished with that goop, scrub the ink off – I use a bit of Mrs. Meyers and a sponge – and then, fill them with something else and label again. We’ve relabeled our bottles dozens of times. How beautiful is that – the circle of goop.

Yes, they are recyclable, but you’ll want to keep them for as long as possible. Wish we could tell you how long that will be because our brave little bottles are still functioning perfectly even after four years of daily use.

One of those great buys. No regrets.