How To Buy an Airstream

Before we bought our Airstream, we read this book cover-to-cover, highlighted it in several colors, and took notes and then, read it again.

Great advice on every page and things to look for when trying to find the perfect Airstream.

Written by the Long Long Honeymoon’s (Loloho) Sean and Kristy Michael.



The iconic Airstream trailer is a legend amongst seasoned RV travelers. After more than 80 years of production, the classic aluminum skinned pods are found in highways and campgrounds throughout North America. Today Airstreams are more popular than ever, but finding the right one isn’t an easy task. Supply is surprisingly scarce.

It’s crucial that buyers – especially first time Airstream owners – proceed with caution when leaping into this lifestyle. A mistake in this transaction could cost thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair bills, not to mention much emotional grief along the way.

Written by C.S. Michael, an experienced Airstream owner and enthusiast, “How to Buy an Airstream” contains insider tips, anecdotes, and advice for prospective Airstream shoppers. Topics discussed include how and where to find Airstream bargains, how to negotiate with dealers, the truth about vintage Airstream prices, how to buy a custom-built Airstream, and more. The Airstream candidate pool is divided into three broad categories: new, used, and vintage.

The goal of “How to Buy an Airstream” is simple: to empower buyers with the essential knowledge they need to bring home the right Airstream, at the right price.