Kayak Cart

Sometimes the water is a bit too far away …

So, we use this cart to port our inflatable kayaks over long distances.

It’s easy to use. The little kickstand holds the cart in place for proper mounting. The kickstand is a sturdy feature which works well on slanted boat launches and other inclines. Then, we mount the vessel with the center area (usually where the seat is) over the bars, balance the boat and strap it on.

It’s a one-person job, but working together makes it a cinch.

We roll right up to water’s edge, unmount the kayak, and then take the tires off by removing the pin clips from the rim. Pop the tires into the storage area behind the seat, replace the pin clips, and collapse the rim into the flat storage position, and bungee cord it onto the stern of the kayak. And, we’re off!

In the past, we ported two kayaks – one on top of the other – with one of us spotting the load carefully from behind, but we prefer to each have our own cart.

The cart makes the difference about where and when we can paddle. Of course the contraption works best on developed surfaces, but with a bit of patience the thick tires carry our kayaks over grassy, graveled and sandy surfaces as well.

Now, when the tide is low, it’s no problem. When the launch is further away from our campsite than we predicted, again, no problem.

Keeping the tires out of the elements when not in use and conditioning them with 303 UV Protectant makes them last longer.

Here is a complete review of our kayaks and this cart.




  • Convenient, sturdy, and lightweight kayak carrier
  • Durable aluminum frame, quick-release adjustable tie-down straps, and rugged pneumatic tires
  • Rubberized pads protect hull and flip-out kickstand is handy when you reach your destination; frame collapses flat when not in use
  • Seven-pound device has 200-pound maximum load capacity, and comes with storage and carry bag
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

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