Battleborn Lithium Batteries

In October 2020, we replaced our old AGM batteries with 4 Battleborn Lithium Batteries.

They weigh half as much as our AGMs, and are expected to last more than 10 years. The AGMs weigh 60 lbs per unit and the Battleborn weigh 30 lbs. each. So when we replaced the worn-out AGMs we lost 120 lbs of tongue weight. More room for wine!

They recharge super fast – at least four times faster than our old AGMs. It’s really nice to have those extra hours to go bike riding and sight-seeing rather than sitting around the campsite waiting for the batteries to recharge.

We also like that they are made from 100% safe, nontoxic, renewable energy.

Life is Good!

Here is our battery, solar, and inverter setup.

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  • BUILT-IN BMS: BMS stands for “Battery Management System” – the brain of our deep cycle lithium batteries. Our BMS protects your battery from most common causes of battery failure, such as temperature volatility or ground faults. The BMS regulates the amount of power taken out of the battery and acts as a shut-off system to protect the li-ion cells (and you) from unsafe operating conditions.
  • LITHIUM ION TECHNOLOGY: Unlike Lead Acid batteries, Battle Born’s deep cycle lithium ion batteries have unlimited mounting capability, exceptional longevity, and are more cost effective. When factoring time and cost into your purchase, our lithium ion battery banks come out ahead every time. Plus, Li-Ion batteries can be safer than Lead Acid batteries, which have no protection against ground faults.
  • GREEN ENERGY BATTERIES: Made from 100% safe, nontoxic, renewable energy, Battle Born Batteries last for more cycles and can be charged and discharged repeatedly (and charge faster than any other battery). We make our renewable, sustainable green energy batteries because they’re simply better than anything else out there, including other green batteries.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE: At a sleek 31 lbs, our 100Ah 12v battery weighs in at only 1/3 the weight of lead acid batteries! With no acid in the battery, you’re able to safely mount in any position. This makes li-ion batteries perfect for marine, RV, campers, golf cart, off-road and off-grid applications!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Proudly designed and assembled in Reno, Nevada – the epicenter of the lithium ion battery world. We test (and re-test… and re-test again) literally every battery we ship and all of our batteries come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty. We believe you should be as confident in your battery as we are.