Magnetic Black Hooks – 40 lb.

Holy cow! Who made these things? Like magnets on steroids – the illegal kind of steroids.

These 40 lb. Magnetic Black Hooks are serious holding devices. We use them to hold kitchen gadgets from our metal stove top fan housing. Even when driving on washboard dirt roads for an hour, they stay put!

Best magnet hooks ever.



  • This A No Risk Purchase of Your Hook Magnets with A liberal return policy For Extra Piece Of Mind
  • Our Extensive Warehouse Inventory Of Super Strong Magnet Hooks Neodymium Relieves The Worry Of Not Being Able To Get More Of The Same Magnets In Mid Project Fast
  • Top Shelf Manufacturing & Machining Give Your Strong Neodymium Bar Magnets Very Exacting Dimensions Of (+/_ .002 “)
  • Our Three Layer (Nickel-Copper-Nickel) Increases You Magnets’ Physical & Corrosion Protection For Many Years Of Trouble Free Use And Gives It That Chrome Colored Touch Of Class.
  • CMS’ Comprehensive Hands On Quality Controls Regulated By Our In House QA Staff Checking From Product Conception To Shipment of your Rare Earth Bar Magnet Ensures You Get The Top Quality Magnets Hooks For Sale In The US Today