Mosquito Zapper Swatter

If you are tired of slapping mosquitos with your hands, then this little tool is just what you need.

We found this guy so handy on our trip to Alaska in 2022. Not sure we could have made it without it.

Some places we stayed on our way north had more mosquitos than we have ever seen at a time in our entire lives.

This is quiet, safe, easy-to-use and really does the job.


  • This fly/mosquito zapper is very powerful with high voltage which kills most small flying insects instantly.
  • Simple to use, just hold the button on the handle to activate. Green LED light up to indicate it’s electrified. 2 AA batteries required-Note for international shipping safe, 2AA batteries not included
  • 3 layer safety mesh and double trigger design completely protect you from accidentally touch. More safer for you and your family
  • Indoor and outdoor use, let your indoor outdoor activities not be disturbed by flies,mosquitoes. Bring it with you during a barbecuing, fishing or camping trip with your family. Swarming bugs at night will no longer be a problem
  • Brand name Mafiti, model MS100, size 17.3*8.3*1 in

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