Nano Body Bath & Shower Towel (30 inch x 55 inch)

When we redecorated we needed coordinating towels – but our favorite towel didn’t come in gray, so we ordered the Nano. They are light, beautiful, extremely absorbent and dry fast. The texture is more like a high quality terry cloth, and the light silver color matches our color scheme. They also come in white. But if you don’t like the color selection, these towels come in a much wider array of colors and are basically the same towel at twice the cost. We both have skin problems and these towels are so much better than anything else we’ve tried.



  • THE BEST SKIN AND HAIR BATH TOWEL EVER MADE. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Makeup, soaps, chemicals, moisturizers, deodorants and cosmetics–including the daily build up of oils, dirt and grime, all build up inside our pores. We think that taking a shower or washing our face cleans it, but it’s not enough. The Nano Towel is a game changer for your skin, because it actually gets deep into your pores and pulls all of the gunk out. You are left with miraculously deep cleaned skin.
  • A TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR SKIN. This build up of foreign matter causes bad skin, acne, wrinkles and premature aging. It could also be a culprit in eczema, skin tags, rashes and other issues. Everything that goes on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. If there are toxins or chemicals in your pores, you need to remove them. The Nano Towel Body Bath Towel is the only thing that reaches DEEP into the pores and pulls that stuff out, and allows your skin to breathe again.
  • YOU CAN PROTECT THE HEALTH OF YOUR HAIR WHILE DRYING IT QUICKLY. Your hair quality can improve, because it will soak up the moisture without having to use a hair dryer. Using focused heat to dry your hair can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp over time. It can cause ezcema, split ends, itchy scalp, hair loss, hair breakage, limp hair, etc. The NanoTowels Bath Towel will dry hair FAST and without any damage to your hair. This allows you to easily manage and style quickly and gently.
  • BEST RESULTS – MINIMAL EFFORT. For the first time in your life, you will be able to come out of the shower, bath or spa completely and totally clean and dry. No more dripping all over the floor, no more water running down your back from soaking wet hair. Just pat yourself dry, and the Nano Towel will soak up every drop off your body and hair. You can use it as your main bath and shower towel, or use it as your sports, travel, fitness, beauty spa or even salon luxury towel.
  • THE BEST TOWEL IN THE WORLD FOR YOUR SKIN AND HAIR–100% GUARANTEED–OR YOU DON’T PAY. We stand behind the NanoTowel BODY Bath Towel and guarantee it to work better than any towel you’ve ever used, or your money back. If you aren’t personally 100% convinced that the NanoTowel is the best, safest, healthiest and most cost effective skin care, bath towel and hair care/hair drying method you have ever used…YOU DON’T PAY! Comes with a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY you can register online.

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