PackTowl Luxe Microfiber Towel

No understatement: This may be the last towel you will ever need. It’s the game changer of body towels.

For years we used thin, flimsy, smooth microfiber towels for backpacking through Europe and camping in the National Parks, but we didn’t like them.

This luxurious microfiber towel has changed our minds about both microfiber and the superiority, comfort and efficiency of cotton towels. The texture is fluffy and pleasant against the skin and so absorbent that a few light pats capture every drop. We have two 36″x 59″ beach size and we could probably dry our 30′ Airstream trailer with them and not even have to wring them out.

We also have these towels on hand.

These towels are so efficient that we simply wash them in our portable machine and line-dry. They come off the line soft – not crunchy like a cotton towel.

And, because they air-dry so fast we only need two. That’s right. Two towels for three years with no pulls, holes or tears … and they don’t fade! The colors – Deep Sea Blue and Rainforest – are as bright as the day they arrived. Colors are a tough decision because all 7 are excellent choices.

These body towels make our mobile lifestyle more efficient, comfortable and happy. Who says, “I love my towel” after a shower? We do!

Someday we may have to stop traveling but we’ll never go back to keeping a closet full of cotton towels. In the towel department, we may be set for life.



  • Ultra soft looped terry knit microfiber fabric feels just like your fluffy cotton towels at home
  • Absorbent fabric soaks up 5 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily
  • Dries 30% faster than cotton
  • Takes up less space than similar cotton options
  • Machine washable

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