Expandable Pet Carrier

We bought this small pet carrier for our trip to New York City where dogs, we read, are allowed on buses, ferries, trains and subways – but only if they are in a carrier. Of course, after we arrived we could see that this ordinance is mostly a suggestion and basically unenforced. However, as visitors we obliged ourselves to the ordinance and Pico adapted instantly to the carrier. He loved it! So we took him everywhere we could in the Big Apple.

And we still use it because Pico seems to just love having a comfortable and safe place to self-isolate in public. We’re learning that he’s really not a mean dog, he’s just an introvert who wants his own space.

So the carrier is perfect to take to breweries and outdoor restaurants and other pet-friendly places. Pico can enclose himself, while we drink and dine. On sunny days, it’s a shady cool spot where Pico can stretch out and relax under a table or on an outdoor bench. Pico stays inside his carrier when we go on public transportation, too.

And the carrier fits perfectly in the bottom of large shopping cart! It really changed things when we discovered that small pets are often accepted into many stores when they are in a carrier. So Jim or I do not have to wait in the truck in the parking lot while the other makes quick shopping trips. We can take him shopping at Home Depot and Best Buy and many department stores.

In the Beast, the carrier is now Pico’s “safe place.” It is his compartment between the seats. The soft, plush interior is cozy and comfortable. With three openings (the front and back arched doors, and the top) and two expandable sides we can customize the carrier for any size space and for all weather conditions. We’ve had this carrier for a year now and have experienced no problems with any of the features.

Oh, and the interior is removable and washable.

There’s nothing but good to report about this fabulous carrier. We didn’t know what to expect when we ordered it and it has turned out to be much more than we expected. We keep finding more ways to use it and more opportunities to keep Pico close, safe and comfortable.

Oh! and it was a stroke of luck that it looks like a tiny Airstream trailer with pop-outs.

Freakin’ adorable.

They appear to slightly change the ‘look’ of these carriers from time to time, but the basic concept seems to be the same.



  • EXPANDABLE SOFT-SIDE CARRIER: Please measure pets before purchasing. OMORC dog carrier normal size is 18″Lx 11″Wx 11″H, expandable size is 18″ Lx 29.8″W x 11″H by expanding the 2 mesh windows. Fits pet up to 18”L*10”W*10”H, max load of 15lbs.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Dog airplane carrier approved designed with microfiber frame prevents the top from sagging, keeping solid and stable even after total expanded. No collapse or deform like other pet travel carriers.
  • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Add 2 green reflective tapes on both sides, increase safety for your pet when using at night. 4 ways to open carrier from 4 direction, which makes more convenient and safer to put your dog cat in or out. Mesh cloth increase ven.
  • EASY to CARRIER: The cat carrier designed with a hard PP pad into bottom, help to hold and increase load beaning, avoid deformation when carry on the carrier. The pad made of suede and polyester, washable and easy to clean.
  • AIRPLANE APPROVED: Dog travel carrier compliance with airline standard size, fit under the front cabin seat of most airline carriers. Mesh cloth increase ventilation and decrease anxiety for traveling. Carry the expandable carrier on airplane, car, by hand or shoulder.

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