Peugeot Paris U’Select 7 Inch Salt and Pepper Mill Set

When a functioning pair of salt and pepper mills seemed to be a broken dream, we searched for the highest rated, best quality, salt and pepper mill we could find. When this pair came to the top our research, we still suffered through another year or so with mis-matched, ugly accoutrement on the table. But we finally sprung this pair of French beauties on Thanksgiving 2019.

We chose the 7 inch high model so they would fit upright in the under-bench storage locker. However, they come in various heights based on individual needs. They also come in an assortment of colors and materials, from wood, glass and metal. They’re beautifully crafted and thus, expensive, but they work.

Now, at last, our table accoutrement is worthy of guests and we are no longer shamed by shabby table gear. These mills are a classic in design and the only mills to purchase with confidence that they will be on the table in decades to come.




  • Set includes 7-inch salt and pepper mill, each made of French beech wood
  • Pepper mill has 2 Stage grinding mechanism made of case-hardened steel which is specially treated to keep the teeth razor sharp and protect from corrosion
  • Salt mill mechanism is designed to resist corrosion from dry salts
  • Patented u’Select grind adjustment found at the base of the mill; use pre-defined grind settings, or any point in between: powdery-fine to very coarse
  • Made in France