Silicone Oven Cooking Mitts – set of 2

These mitts are the perfect size for a small kitchen. We’ve been using these “pinch” food-grade silicone oven mitts for four years with no complaints. They’re easy to clean and require little storage space. The handy loop molded onto the gloves makes it easy to keep them ready for action when fastened to a magnetic hook on the outside of the range hood.

Most LIB gear has more than one job and our dark gray pair of oven mitts double as a costume piece when I play a cow at the Christmas pageant. Moo.



  • Thickened Silicone Oven Mits – Our small oven mitts set are made of premium food grade silicone. Durable and heat resistant, withstands high temperatures ( up to 428℉). Work well for gripping hot items safety in your kitchen such as ultimate Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi grill accessories and air fryer. Most essential and needed kitchen tools.
  • Easy to Use – Perfect for adult with small hands to keep your hands from getting burned. Each pinch mitt is suitable for both left and right hand. They are not intended to fit over your entire hand, just fit your fingers and thumb without the bulk of an oven mitten or pot holder flopping around. No bulk and quick to put on and take off.
  • Unique Gripping Strips and Hook Design – The textured silicone strips that over the mitt provide such a secure hold that it’s nearly impossible to drop something once they’ve latched onto it. This rubber oven grips provides great confidence when holding pots, plates and dishes. The hook design allow these to be easily hung on your over door handle or your kitchen with the built-in holes.
  • Easy to Clean – Our black silicone oven mitts and pot holders are easy to clean – just wash on your hands and hang to dry. Also these are available for machine-washing. Unlike cloth mitts and pot holders, they’ll never fade, stain or fray. Serve you for years ahead, good for your wallet and the environment.
  • A Kitchen Necessity – Versatile for use when removing hot pot lids, plates, dishes, trivet. Protect your hands from moving pans in and out of the oven. It’s useful as a hot spoon holder without burning your hand or fingers. Also used them for other jobs around the house – working on hot engines, removing hot light bulbs, anything hot to touch.