Spice Jars – 4 oz Glass – 24 count

Whoa! We got organized and what a difference! Now we can see every spice at a glance. Now, how cool is that?!

We have over 50 jars of dry spices. That’s probably a diagnoses for some kind of hoarding syndrome … but having the right spice at the right time makes all the difference in good cooking. And, we are so grateful that we had our spices neatly filed and ready for battle during the period of state mandated self-isolation, because we were cooking more now than we ever have.

The adhesive labels are beautifully printed with a most comprehensive variety of herbs, spices, seeds and peels – and blank labels for rare or unusual items. I think we only had to write in one spice: Dry Shrimp Flakes.

The square-glass jars are of the highest quality. We’ve had these jars for a year and not one has chipped or broken – and they require no special packing before towing.

We think our kitchen is so pretty and professional looking with the spices standing there like little soldiers. Also, we save money now buying spices in bulk rather in jars.

The jars are also easy to fill when using the handy funnel that is included in the set. Yes, if you have a lot of spices it will be a full afternoon job to get it all set up properly, but overall these jars are a time-saver and far less aggravation than going on a hunt through everything for the right spice as the pot boils over. Our cooking has definately improved from having these jars because there’s less stress about assembling the ingredients.

Whether you love to cook or hate to cook, these spice jars are like having a sous chef in your kitchen assisting you with the details.

These spice jars are a LIB highly recommended item.



  • COMPLETE SQUARE SPICE BOTTLES SET» 24 Square Empty Glass Spice Jars, 24 Shaker Lids, 24 Metal Caps and 2 kinds of Waterproof Spice Jar Labels ( Pre-printed Clear PVC labels, Chalkboard Labels, and Blank Labels), a collapsible silicone funnel to help transfer spices, simplifying the refilling task!
  • HIGH-QUALITY JARS » Aozita Spice Jars are made from high-quality Lead-Free durable glass. Clear glass let you have a clear look of spices, each square glass jar measures approximately 4″ x 1 3/4″ with a 1 1/4″ opening. The modern design square shape and tops fit any spice rack, cabinet, organizer, drawers, or kitchen.
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORY » Exclusive sift and pour shaker lids matching metal airtight caps which means your herbs stay fresher longer! 612 Preprinted Round Spice Labels which includes 32 blank labels that can be written on with a white paint pen, this gives you the option of labeling the sides or the lid of the jars.
  • MULTIFUNCTION » Use our square glass jars for organizing drawers, seasoning, storing spices, salt, pepper, herbs, DIY projects, and more! These mini jars have a variety of uses such as party favors, craft or office supplies, decorative projects or homemade goodies.
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE » If you purchase our Jars for your kitchen, then you will be confident that the product you get is going to stand in the whole life of your kitchen. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Enjoy this absolutely RISK FREE purchase today.