Toilet Paper – Angel Soft

For our fist four years we used Scott RV Toilet paper and gave it high recommendations because it never caused any tank or valve problems and we didn’t want to take any risks. But, this last year – due to the pandemic – we had to seek out other options. So now we know … Angel Soft works just as well as specialized RV TP, at a fraction of the cost.

Quick-dissolve, we learned, is key. So, we performed our own home test which proved that Angel Soft performed as well (dissolved just as quickly) as our previous recommendation, Scott RV toilet paper.

PLUS, Angle Soft comes in MEGA rolls! That’s right, One mega-roll of Angel Soft equals FOUR (4) regular rolls. And, the mega-rolls fit perfectly in the same TP dispenser. Wow, that’s a lotta TP in a small space

So, not only are we saving $ and toilet paper storage space, but those arguments about which way the paper should unroll has been reduced to ¼.

What a savings!!!

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  • ANGEL SOFT toilet paper delivers softness and strength at a good value
  • Long lasting rolls with 425+ 2-ply sheets per roll
  • Quality toilet paper for the whole family at a price that won’t break the bank
  • Flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems
  • Includes 36 mega rolls of classic white toilet paper