Travel Bottles/Soap Dispenser – 3-pack (2 oz)

Okay, we’ve been using one of these soap dispensers for 20 years … The lid still screws and the suction cup still sucks … Uh no, they don’t suck in the sucky way but they do really do suck in the way they are supposed to (oh, you know what we mean).

We say “one” because we lost two from the set and we don’t know where they are … Probably confiscated by our son when he went to college, or left in a shower and in use by some random person in some other place, and that sucks in the sucky way, but not entirely. At least they are probably in use.

They’re made of soft silicone, so they are an ergonomic pleasure to use. When they are dropped on the concrete floor of a campground shower, they do not crack. Depending on how full of soap they are, they just kind of plop and bounce slightly. Picture that scene if you will, in slow motion … Soap dispenser slips because said underfunded government park shower has no shelf or ledge and only a dangling soap tray with a stripped rusty screw to rest the dispenser on and … it falls slomo to the floor and … plop!  As it makes contact with the concrete floor there is no resistance or breakage. The lid remains intact and the soap does not spill out all over the floor endangering the showering person’s life.

Full disclosure: we are not saying these soap dispensers will save your life, but holy crap we’ve just talked ourselves into ordering a new set ASAP.


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  • The original, patented soft travel bottle
  • Trusted and reviewed by more people than any other soft bottle
  • Designed in the USA and made with FDA silicone from a USA manufacturer
  • Handy flip cap with integrated no-drip valve
  • Made from soft, rugged silicone
  • Airplane carry-on approved
  • Large opening makes it easy to fill and clean. Easy to squeeze out the contents.
  • ID window on the collar helps you remember what’s inside. FDA food-safe – 100% BPA, PC, and pthalate free.

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