Drawer Kit with 5 Wire Baskets – White

We re-purposed our old wire drawer tower into a food pantry! We bought this system twenty-seven years ago for clothing storage and now it is traveling with us on our LIB journey.

With solid steel construction, even with heavy daily use for almost three decades (we bought this product in 1989) and through the stress of several moves, it has proven its worth.

Over the years, we have customized our storage tower with baskets of differing depths. Shallow, for spices and deep for dry goods like flour, rice and beans.

We had planned to, eventually, build-in a custom wood dry-goods cabinet. But when we were moving out of our house I had the idea to try the Elfa first. If it worked, it could buy us some time for a few months or a year at best. We were delighted when we discovered the storage tower was almost (within a quarter inch) a perfect fit for the closet. Jim made some minor adjustments and now, four years later, it is still perfectly intact and we are in no hurry to make a change.

We put lighter things on top and heavier items on the bottom. Containers of oatmeal, cereal and crackers and chips are on the top. the next level is spices, the next is the asian drawer with noodles, spring roll wraps and seaweed. Moving down, we have the Mexican drawer with rice and beans and pastas, then flours, cornmeal and everything I need for baking. The bottom drawer is where I keep my Instant Pot, oils, vinegars, Maggi and sherry.

These drawers are probably not as sturdy as built in, but they work for us. When we are on the road we bungie them from top to bottom – takes less than a minute – and they’ve never fallen or come loose.

This shelving system not only stands up to the test of time, it’s a road warrior as well. Great product.


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  • 5 Wire Baskets
  • 41 in. High x 17 in. Wide x 21 in. Deep