Might-D-Light Folding LED

Only once have we had to back into a campsite in the dark. On that new moon night in a minimally developed campground in a designated dark-sky area, we were so thankful for a nearby camper who saw us struggling with the situation and stepped in to assist with this cool lamp. I took a photo of it and ordered it the next day. When a headlamp alone isn’t enough, The Might-D-Light Folding LED Work Light saves the night. It has a bungee attached so it can be secured from a hook or a branch above to illuminate a large area the size of an entire campsite just as if it is the full light of day. It also opens like a book to make a stable instant fixture on a picnic table or cooler. Perfect for a tent and during electrical outages. In winter this highly portable, lightweight lamp gets a heavy-duty workout. We keep it in a place of honor on an overhead hook by the front door right beside the headlamp. If the light is out at the camp showers at night or we need to take down the awning in pitch darkness, or if our Pico, our security team, wants to do a last minute patrol, this innovative lamp is ready. Might-D-Light is a campers delight.

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  • Super-bright LED lights provides up to 200 lumen
  • 3-way integrated switch: both panels ON/single panel on/off
  • Compact folding design is perfect for confined work area
  • Extendable bungee hooks stow inside each panel for easy storage
  • Up to 4.5 hour battery life