Alpaca Outdoorsman Boot Socks

We got these for Canada, but even on a cold San Diego night nothing keeps our toes as warm as alpaca socks. They are a perfect outer layer for hiking too. Hiking is a joy we never want to lose, so we take good care of our feet. We wear silk blend toe socks next to our skin and alpaca socks over those – and we never get blisters or any foot discomfort on long hikes. Expensive footwear isn’t good enough. We need good socks as well. Go alpaca!

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  • Crew Alpaca Socks: Alpaca Outdoorsman Boot Socks
  • Type: Thick warm soft and comfortable rugged outdoor socks
  • Content 50% alpaca 41% acrylic 8% nylon 1% spandex
  • Women Size: Small 5-8   Medium 8-10   Large 10-12
  • Men Size: Small 4-7   Medium 7-9   Large 9-11   XLarge 11-14
  • Socks Perfect for chilly weather!
  • Fewer Blisters with Alpaca.
  • Made in Peru