Besides using tortilla warmers to pack dishes and thick winter socks to pack wine, my favorite tip is the swim-parka trick.

With a swim parka there is no need schlep towels, clothes and toilet kit to campground showers.

The swim parka is a specialized garment. It has a liner that functions like a towel and the outside is water repellant. It also has deep generous side pockets for carrying razor and soap and travel-sized shampoo bottles and a flashlight.

Swim parkas keep a wet body protected in all climates.

I go to the shower commando – and after I’ve showered I go home the same way. No one has a clue I’m rockin’ my Lady Godiva under there.

Fast, easy solution to  the messy shower schlep.

The one I bought 20 years ago is no longer available, but this is the closest one I can find that matches mine.



  • ✅ QUALITY GUARANTEED: From the outer shell to the inside lining and YKK Zipper.  The Adoretex Swim Parka is the most popular sport parka. Good for swimming, soccer, water polo, and other sports.
  • ✅ KEEP YOUR CAR DRY: The outer shell is made from high quality, water-resistant 100% Oxford Nylon. you can say goodbye to wet seats.
  • ✅ ALL YEAR ROUND: The fleece lining is soft and warm to keep you comfortable in between long races and practices. It blocks the heat from outside in summer and locks out wind in the cold weather.
  • ✅ QUICK DRY: The fleece lining is quick to dry when wet, it is preferred for the users who plan to use the swim parka for all events at meets.
  • ✅ YKK TWO-WAY ZIPPER: Two-way separating zipper, unzip from top or bottom for allowing one’s legs room to move around more freely. The swim parka can also be used as changing robe.
  • ✅ POCKETS: Two fleece-lined exterior zipper side pockets for safe storage. One sleeve pocket with velcro closure to provides small storage.
  • ✅ FLEECE LINED HOOD: Fleece-lined hood with toggle drawcord
  • ✅ Velcro Flaps: Large front and back Velcro flaps for easy customization.