Bed Slide

We both have orthopedic issues and are unable to crawl on our hands and knees to retrieve this or that item from the truck. On the advice of an older Airstream friend, Jim ordered this bed slide on the day we brought the Ram home.

It pulls out 75% of the length of the truck bed allowing easy access to every item stored therin.

Jim bolted the Honda generator to the corner end of the driver’s side of the bed slide in order to prevent theft. Whenever we need the generator, we slide it out a bit so the remainder of our gear is mostly unexposed.

We have no idea how many head injuries, busted knuckles, bruised knees and smashed fingers this bed slide has saved us, but we’re pretty darn sure it is the best gear purchase we have ever made.

The bed-slide is also a friend-maker. Whenever we’re unloading the kayaks in a beach front area, it draws attention from folks – mostly guys  – even young guys who want to know how make their lives easier with this upgrade their truck.

If you order a bed slide be sure to choose the correct size to fit your truck.


  • 1000lbs Capacity (evenly distributed)
  • 75% Extension
  • Quickpins: 3-Point Pin install and quick removal
  • Headrail and side Guardrails are included.
  • Weatherdeck is our exclusive composite light weight decking is durable in all elements