Blue Sky 3024iL Solar Monitoring System

We had this solar monitoring system installed in 2017 with our AGM batteries.

When we upgraded to lithium batteries in October 2020, we discovered that this system will still work. We had no need to purchase a new solar monitoring system just because we upgraded to lithium.



  • MPPT BUCK charge controller 12/24V battery, 40A (36-cell panels up to 540W) or 30A (60/72-cell panel up to 400W) @12V battery
  • Max. recommended panel Voc 45.6V at STC (max. input voltage 57V). Auxiliary Output for a DC Load with LVD up to 20A or for charging a secondary battery
  • Advanced 3-stage charge profile plus equalization for Lead-Acid batteries.
  • Programmable for Lithium batteries with the IPN ProRemote display ASIN: B01GW3UPV2 (not included)
  • Ideal for RVs and Marine. IPN capability network interface coordinates up to 8 controllers (Master/Followers)
  • 5-Year Warranty, Made in the USA, ETL Safety (US and Canada), CE, FCC, RoHS certifications.