Bungee Cords 24 Assortment

In various lengths and colors these bungee cords are great for securing loose cargo to the bikes and kayaks, and even to prop up a busted bumper, god forbid. But remember: bungee cords can be dangerous if not used with caution (especially around children). But we simply haven’t found a worthy contender to the good ol’ bungee. Long lasting, weather resistant and dependable.

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  • 🚀BUNGEE CORDS WITH HOOKS – ROCKET STRAPS bungie cords with hooks are made with a 50/50 rubber/latex blended core, and heavy 4mm steel gauge core hooks. Making these bungie cords easily the most durable and strongest bungies on the market. Our bungie straps have a wide variety of uses, some of the most common uses for our bungie cords are for Camping, Truck Use, Boats, Moving, Lawn Equipment, Tarp Tie Downs, Securing Equipment, and many more.
  • 🚀VARIETY OF SIZES FOR ALL POSSIBLE SITUATIONS – Our bungee cord set comes with 2pc 40″ 8mm bungi cords, 2pc 32″ 8mm bungy cords, 4pc 24″ 8mm bungee cords, 6pc 18″ 8mm small bungee cords, 6pc 10″ 8mm black mini bungee cords and 4pc 8″ 4mm canopy ties (tarp straps) (bungee balls).
  • 🚀HEAVY DUTY BUNGEE CORDS, DURABLE, & FLEXIBLE – Our bungee cord set is made with the highest grade 100% polyester material, UV and weather resistant. Our bungee straps are manufactured with heavy duty reinforced double braided bungee cord. Heavy duty molded plastic bungee cords with hooks to prevent from scratching to anchor points. Making them twice as strong as traditional bungee cords made with rubber.
  • 🚀GREAT VALUE, ZIP UP BAG & HIGHLY VISIBLE – Manufactured with the highest quality material in the cargo industry, ROCKET STRAPS created our extreme heavy duty bungee cord, while making sure we were able to provide the best possible value for our customers. Our bungee cord set comes with a large hassle-free zip up bag for easy access and transport. With our customers safety being our number one priority we built these bungee cords with highly visible colors and sizes.
  • 🚀ROCKET STRAPS BRAND | LIFETIME WARRANTY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! – Like them or your money back! Please register your new cargo net with us, and rest assured you have a lifetime guarantee with ROCKET STRAPS.