TR Industrial Multi-Purpose Cable Ties (100 Piece), 8″

Quick Roadside Hazard Quiz!

Question: What if wiring comes loose and must be secured so you can make it to your destination before sundown?

Answer: Cable ties – no need to get all philosophical about it – are the immediate solution for temporary problems.

It’s not a cheat. These zippy disposable ties are a great tool for the inevitable road hazard – everything from a broken door or window to a drooping stabilizer. Fasten one or two on and skedaddle to a place where you can really fix it.

Okay. Next Question.

(Hint: Cable ties and gaffers tape are probably the correct answer)


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  • Made with industrial strength 6/6 Nylon
  • 100 8-inch pieces
  • 50 lbs tensile strength
  • Working temperature: 40-185 degrees F
  • Strong cable ties usable in many applications
  • Available in various lengths